Wednesday, December 14, 2011

20 Months Old

 Our "baby" is 20 months old today.  Do you see this face?  It belongs to a little girl who keeps her mama on her toes.  Such a beautiful little face.  Such an active little body attached to it  :o)
 These are pictures I took the other day when I did our family's Christmas photos.  We use Wal-Mart usually, and I love the girl who does them there...but I refuse to take my new baby out into the wide wide world of flue and cold season.  So with a  LOT of help from my husband and parents, I attempted to do my own.
 Today Rosebud weighed in at 20 lbs 1 oz.  That is the first time she's gotten to 20 lbs!!!!  She has been close for awhile now and we were so happy that she finally did it!  Next to Sweet Pea she looks huge, but she still isn't on the growth chart.  But growing she certainly is!
 This one it a little fuzzy (as is my header, I do realize, but I love the picture anyway).  I also got out her 12-18 month box of clothes and went "shopping".  It is always so fun to look through all the hand-me-downs and see what will be season appropriate.  We have had so many generous people donate us clothes for our kids.
At 20 months old, Rosebud can jump getting both feet off the floor at the same time, say lots of different words, and entertain herself with, as my mom says "girly things" for hours.  She loves pink and purple and everything sparkly.  Give her a bag and she'll go collecting throughout the house and then say "bye bye" and proudly go somewhere to dump out her latest treasures.  She is starting to refuse naps, but does sleep in her big girl bed now.  She'll sit and play in her bed, but doesn't sleep.  Not loving that.

We are so proud of Rosebud and enjoy seeing her become more of a young lady everyday.

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