Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Eve #1's family came to celebrate Christmas and go to our Christmas Eve service at church.
 We all were very spoiled getting  gifts and enjoying time with family.
 Both boys got "football" hats, Snug got Michigan (go blue!) and LMM Ohio State (booooo).  They also got bat bags, something they'll use a LOT this summer.

Christmas Morning
 This is what Rosebud and Sweet Pea got for Christmas.  My cousin had it at her house and her daughter outgrew it...and we are truly blessed.  It is SUCH a fun toy.
 The stockings were hung by the chimney with care!  Stockings are my kids' favorite thing to open.
 Our tree Christmas Eve.
 Rosebud and LMM immediately got to work setting up house  :o)
 It was hard to get them to sit still!
 Each one got two presents to open (the one pictures counts as "1") and a BIG thing.  You saw the girls' big thing...wait and you'll see the boys'.
 Cars toys, a couple of DVDs, and Legos were the toys this year.  Rosebud got clothes...she didn't care.
 And the boys got a Power Wheels.  I'm not sure who is more excited...daddy or the boys!
 Just a few pictures of Rosebud Christmas morning right after church.
 My mom made her dress for ME when I was a baby...I wore it my first two Christmases.  She also wore it last year and now this year!
We hope you had a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!!!!

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Faith said...

ADORABLE! Okay, Rosebud's piggy tails on the very top picture are absolutely perfect!!!! She just looks sooo precious! :)And oh my, how much I wanted a power wheels when I was little....SO FUN for winter days in your basement!!!!!