Sunday, January 1, 2012

4 Weeks & Happy New Year

            We spent New Year's Day at church-a great way to start a new year.  There wasn't childcare last week or this, so it was interesting to sit through service with four small children.  Snug does it regularly on Sunday nights, as did Rosebud till she was 18 months old.(We have an 18 month-4 year old class Sunday at night). 
            I have to tell you, although I don't want to pull it off every Sunday, it was such a blessing to worship as a family four a couple of weeks.  Our pastor challenged us to not "shrink back" this new year despite the grim outlook of the economy and politics and the world being in disarray.  He challenged us to give our all and live for the Lord more now than ever.  Very inspiring!  
 I took this picture right before we left for church.  Daddy and his girls  :o)  Hats with large accessories are new to me this year, but I think I'm lovin' it!  I like hats on my kids in general.
 I snapped this picture a couple of minutes ago. Hard to believe Sweet Pea is four weeks old today.  She weighs in at 7 lbs 11 oz and is approx. 19.75 inches.
The cocoon she is wrapped in was made by one of my aunts.  Very soft and snugly on a very windy cold night.  We're having a fire and going to watch my husband's new Psyche DVD.  Happy New Year!!!


CM said...

Oh that pic of your hubby and his little girls is so precious! Sweet pea is the cutest all bundled up like that!

Jenilee said...

she can't be 4 weeks old already! wow! ALL of your Christmas pictures look adorable. Great family pictures and you took some wonderful ones of the kids too! It was fun to catch up tonight on your blog! :)