Sunday, January 22, 2012

7 Weeks

 Seven weeks old today!  Sweet Pea isn't at all sure she loves sitting with her big sister.  She is so serious.  Rosebud is the smile to Sweet Pea's frown.  I think she's just taking it all in, but my aunt is right...she looks pretty unhappy in most of her pictures  :o)  This week though she was a little happier than in days past.  She finally started taking a couple of hour-two hour naps a couple of times a day...without being held. The more sleep she gets in solid chunks the happier she is.  Mommy too!  She weighs in at 9 lbs 4 oz this week.
 Speaking of Aunts, Sweet Pea has met three of mine now.  My Aunt Beth and Aunt Cheryl both met her a few weeks ago, and this week she met Aunt Kim!  Although my aunt and uncle, along with my cousin and his wife were here for a funeral this past weekend, a sad thing, we made the best of it.  They stayed at a hotel with a pool and the kids had a great time swimming.  Always nice to see family from out of town!
 Here are the cousins together!  Kai was born back in November...on my dad's side we've had four babies in the past four months.  Alexis was born in October, Kai in November, Sweet Pea in December and my niece Ivy in January.  I have yet to meet two of them, but a trip to meet Ivy is on the calendar.
Seriously, this little guy is a cutie!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  If I don't have the chance before, I'll write again next week :o)


Esther said...

Sweet Pea looks just like Snug!!!

CM said...

Oh love that first pic! Babies are so hard to get to smile sometimes :-)

PS. I meant the Cop Mama blog. It's not at anymore. It's at Just FYI.

CM said...

I keep forgetting to tell you...your new header is adorable!

Kim M said...

Adorable pictures! Along with those 4 babies in 4 months you can take that a step further. We had 5 babies in 8 months in 5 different states! We are blessed!

Enjoyed seeing you guys Friday!

Aunt Kim

MamaBear said...

eeeeek!!! how awesome is your new header pic? I'm such a sucker for family portraits - they are so.hard. to get!

Keep those weekly updates a comin'! (said by a mom who's two weeks behind with hers) but don't tell anyone ok? :)

Glad to hear she's sleeping better for you!