Monday, January 16, 2012

Six Weeks...I'm An Aunt!...We Had Snow!!!!!

Six Weeks...I'm An Aunt!...We Had Snow!!!!!

This is a combined post about all the exciting things happening in our lives.  First off, a day late, here is Sweet Pea's six week post...
 She is learning to pick up her head.  She's doing pretty well, but hates tummy time.  She's happier to practice her muscle control while being over your shoulder...she'll pick her head up, look around, and then flop back down on the shoulder.
 I've been trying to capture a picture of her smiling...this is the closest I've gotten.  She's  serious most of the time.  She is also pretty fussy...I'm hoping it isn't because she has tummy trouble.  We spend hours each day walking and bouncing and patting.

She is growing so fast!  She has nothing newborn that she can wear anymore (unless it was labeled newborn but clearly 0-3 month size).  She is outgrowing her newborn cloth diapers and I give her another week or so and they'll be done.  I weighed and measured her at 8 lbs 14.5 oz and 21.25 inches.  They had "measured" her at 22 inches last week at the doctor, but I didn't believe it.  They do it on this paper that moves while she is kicking and screaming.  They make a line at her head and then as she wiggles all over they grab her foot and make another line.  It is always comical because I SEE her moving well below where they drew the head line as they mark her foot and yet it goes on her chart.

All that matters I guess is that she IS growing.  She is nursing really well.  She and I connected that way from the very beginning.  Rosebud nursed well from the start also, and I attribute that to their births.  I'll have to share that another time.

I'm an aunt!!!!! My brother and sister-in-law had a baby girl this morning.  She looks just like my SIL & she is beautiful!  I'd think she was beautiful even if she looked just like my brother  :o)  Anyway, she is one special little girl and I know they'll be fantastic parents.  They named her Ivy which is such a pretty name.  She weighed 1/2 oz less than her big cousin Sweet Pea.  Not Sweet Pea's birth weight, Sweet Pea's today weight.  So much for sending all my newborn girl clothes their way!  I cannot wait to see her and hug her and kiss her!!!!
 We got some Snow on Friday and the boys played outside Saturday.  LMM enjoyed filling his mitten with snow and then eating it.  GROSS.  He was thrilled nonetheless.
 Snug ran around with our dogs who LOVE snow.  They're 1/2 husky so I guess that is understandable.  I took these pictures from inside the warmth of my home thanks to the lens from my aunt!  I feel very spoiled.
Anyway, it has been an exciting time here at our house.

For those of you on my blogroll, I have been reading your posts...but I've been doing it as I nurse via my Kindle Fire.  Leaving comments isn't as easy that way, so I often don't.  I feel bad too because when people comment you know they are actually reading.  I'M READING!  Someday I might be better typing one handed with a touch screen...but today is not that day!


Esther said...

And I read your blog via MY Kindle Fire. :-) Congrats, Auntie.

Anonymous said...

The snow looks like fun! Love seeing pictures of the kids !!! Hugs to all

CM said...

Congrats on being an auntie! And I can't believe sweet pea is lifting her head already! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Great Pic Jennifer! Keep em commin -- and know the LMM is welcome any time, I guess I've never noticed his being naughty:)AB

nancy said...

Love the family picture!!!! You are blessed!