Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come Over To My House!

 Hey there!  Rosebud here!  Come on in and play with me.  Looks like I need to tidy up a bit before I have company over, but no matter.
 I'll give you a little tour.  This is where I take care of my babies.  The one in the cradle is my mommy's from when she was my age.  Her name is Baby Hannah.  The fact that my mommy was little once and her dolly's name was Hannah can be so confusing at times.  Have you met my mother? Confusing could be her middle name.  But it isn't.  There's another confusing thing.  We have the same middle name.  Can we please branch out on the name giving people?
 Often I am seen walking around with my baby's bathtub on my head.  It is my helmet in case my brothers are around.  It is also a way to try and trick my mother into thinking I have clean hair, when indeed I do not.  Those dinner plates just creep their way up on my head with food still on them.
 There's a fire escape if you pull my walls apart like this.  Safety first people.  Never mind that my house has an "open front" feel to it already.
 This is where I wash all my dirty dishes and clothes.  You can see my husband sitting next to the sink looking like I put him in "time out".  Just kidding, it is just Monkey Man's Woody doll over for a visit.  Don't tell LMM though, cause he isn't too happy when his toys visit my house.
Nice visiting with you, come again soon!


Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad to see she is enjoying her house! Love and miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Adorable post! Sweet girl!

Aunt Kimmie

Jenilee said...

that is a great play house!! where did you get it?