Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Eight Weeks", Alternately Titled, "Crying"

 Sweet Pea is eight weeks today.  She is 22 inches long and weighs 9 lbs 6.5 oz.  Not great weight gain this week, but she and I (and Snug and #1) had a stomach virus so it isn't surprising she didn't have great gain.

The older Sweet Pea gets the harder she has been.  I've mentioned before that she is "fussy".  That is just being polite.  She has been demanding, angry, and cries ALL THE TIME.  It has been especially hard the last two weeks.

 LMM was very similar as a baby, and I decided to try something.  When we found out that he couldn't have wheat/gluten and discovered how much better he felt when he didn't have it...we wondered if that was why he was such a difficult baby.  Maybe he just didn't feel well.  So as of this past Thursday, I am gluten-free.  Although gluten in my milk shouldn't affect her growth till she starts solids (then if she did have a gluten allergy she'd drop right off the charts like LMM did) it could make her really uncomfortable.  If she indeed cannot have wheat the likelihood that LMM (and she) have Celiac disease goes WAY up.

*Side note, you can see her diaper in this picture...she is almost totally cloth diapered now and you can see a post about it that I wrote for The Cloth Diaper Whisperer blog here.  There were quite a few grammatical errors I realized later...sorry.
 I noticed an improvement in her Friday night and all day Saturday.  Saturday night she was fussy, but most babies are in the evening.  There was such a difference in her Snug even thanked God when praying for dinner that "Molly stopped crying".  It was getting hard for everyone in the house.
 I don't know for sure that wheat is the culprit.  We'll see what the next few days are like.
But we hope not to see a whole lot more of this.  


Laura said...

Oh Jenney! Crying is so hard to deal with. Elizabeth cried all of the time and developed quite a reputation in our family. My mom was the only person other than me who would take care of her because she cried so much and even she had limits. These are tough days for you but I hope you are onto something that helps!

Faith said...

Jenney!!!! I sooo wish we lived closer!! I'd totally come and give you a break. It has to be trying on everyone! Hoping this new "fix" will help her calm down a bit!!!