Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snug Plays Ball

Snug's first basketball game was today.  He has never played much basketball aside from shooting at the Little Tykes hoop in the back yard.  He had three practices, and then today's game.  I'm not sure he was exactly...ready.

He's a pretty cute little player!
 Here they are all lined up ready for tip-off.
 Here he is guarding his own teammate.  Note he's not the only one doing it though.  He does understand that you need to put your hands up.  I don't think he knows why, but he had his hands up the entire game.  The coach can chalk one up for teaching that!
 We need to work on things like throwing it in from the sidelines...he wanted to dribble it in instead.  They had him retry a few times.  He has a very patient coach, and the ref (seen reaching in to put him back on the sideline) was great.  My favorite thing about the ref was him telling the other little boys "you have to dribble AND walk".  So funny.  Several of them literally walked from one end of the court to the other holding the ball so they could shoot.  No one scored points for the other team, but it was close a couple of times.  The coaches being ON the floor with the boys, and the ref coaching both teams helped prevent it.
Lots to learn, but he has a nice coach and enjoys playing-that's what is important to me. #1 has played lots of basketball in his life and I'm sure will help him out.   Little Monkey Man is watching and learning and he will be READY when it is his turn, I assure you!

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Nate Flood said...

Fun! Wish we could have been there!