Saturday, December 10, 2011

Big Sister

 Rosebud is adjusting to being the big sister rather nicely.  She is testing out the baby equipment.  Weight wise, this car seat takes up to 22 lbs.  She may weigh 20 lbs, I haven't weighed her this week.  Last week she hadn't hit it yet.  Length wise she outgrew a baby seat in August.
 She likes too get in close and snuggle with baby.  She giggles when baby cries.
 Sneak peek of Christmas photos.
 But her favorite part of being a big sister is her new bed...that she won't stay in so she still uses the crib.
 But it still is so fun to have.
 And it looks so cute in the girls' room.
 One of these days she'll stay in it (we try every day at nap and bedtime).
And really it is ok because technically we really have two babies* just happens to also be a big sister as well.

*Rosebud isn't even 20 mos. yet,

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fegingerich said...

I CANNOT get over how much Rosebud looks like YOU!!!!! And I'm totally thinking #4 (what's her blog name or have I missed it?) is looking like her sister!!!!