Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Baby

For the record I hate that song.  But I LOVE my Santa Babies.  Even though we don't believe in Santa.  He's fun anyway!
This Santa baby fell and busted her lip.  She runs all the time and slips on our hardwood floors  :o(

 Found this dress when I dug out her 12-18 month clothes the other day.  Jackpot!!!
 She may be dressed as Mrs. Claus, but she's playing with the Nativity  :o)
 Attention all fluffy lovers...this baby has gone from preemie to newborn diapers and more and more of her cloth diapers fit daily!!!
I love this baby!  She is so snuggly.  Now if we could get her days and nights right. 
She weighed in at seven pounds, three oz today.  She has gained a pound since she was seen at the doctor at four days old.  Grow baby grow!

*Hat is by Razzle Dazzle Kids  (Gingerich family adoption fundraiser).

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The Alburger Family said...

love the pics! especially Sweet Pea in her fluff and in the stocking! so sweet! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! :-) Lots of love to you all.