Friday, August 7, 2009

Carriage Hill Metropark Farm

Today the boys and I, and our imaginary playgroup, went to Carriage Hill Metropark Farm, a living historical farm from the 1800s. We were supposed to meet our church playgroup there, but due to it being summertime and the fact that I really should have gotten the e-mail out sooner, we were alone (except for daddy, but more on that later).
They have fully restored this farm and put back into working order. They boys are in front of the house here. The people working here (both staff and volunteers) dress in period costumes.

Animals are also part of the farm, and the chickens/this rooster are free to walk about as they please.

Snug's chicken catching finesse is about as good as his kitten catching finesse. I'd LOVE to link you to that post, but unfortunately I am having quite the time looking at anyone's blog today, including mine. Google seems to think I am a robot and not a human and is blocking me from all angles. Something about automated queries...Grrr.

Sitting in the window of one of the barns...

They have a blacksmith working there too. Today he was making staples to hold some kind of fencing together.

Playing in the barn...

This wet spot (not an animal barn, used for farm equipment so I don't think it was urine) and crack were most interesting and needed thorough investigation.
Inside the visitors center (pictured at the very top) was a country store where you can buy handmade gifts and penny candy, along with a children's discovery area. Baby J is playing with the wood burning heater. Glad it is fake!

He also enjoyed some time on the front porch...
...while Snug attended school.
Back outside Snug enjoyed some time throwing rocks in the creek. I think he would have done this for hours had we had the time.

Oh look! There's daddy! He is supposed to be home resting after his surgery*. Nope, mommy, with the help of Snug, locked the keys in the van. He came to the rescue and enjoyed the last part of the day.

Baby J did not get to enjoy the creek, as he is not old enough to climb down the embankment and mommy didn't want to risk dropping him in. He sat up on the bridge and watched.
If you live in the Dayton area, you have got to check this place out!
*#1 had a minor procedure today, don't worry, he is FINE. I just had hoped to give him some space. He is so fine in fact, he is currently out mowing the lawn!


Tricia said...

Sounds like a fabulous place. If we lived closer, we would definately go. God bless.

Christine said...

Jenney ~

Fridays haven't been working out for us this summer. If you ever want to do something on a Monday, let me know! :)