Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Always Blog During Naptime

I do. I always do. But today I am not, because there wasn't a naptime. But right now I am blogging because Snug is running around in his underpants (he "can't want to put on my pants" after he went potty -I am done helping him in the bathroom. He is three. He can do it himself, and I am not going to do it anymore when I know he can do it himself. If he chooses NOT to put on pants, then he is choosing to not play outside.) and Baby J is slap happy. So I decided to share the craziness with you all.

Both boys fell asleep in the van on the way home from shopping, and it took the edge off (you know, all 15 minutes of the trip) and they spent an hour hollering in their naps were taken. Mommy laid on the couch, exhausted, and didn't feel bad for them at all. After about an hour, I relented and let them out of their prison bedroom. They are way wild this afternoon.

We had a good shopping experience though. Coupons to be spent at Bed Bath & Beyond for wedding presents, Jeans $19 at Old Navy with a free t-shirt (one pair for me, one for #1...really $19 is a good deal), picking up Christmas presents for Grandmommy to give at Family Christian Books (saved 1/2 with a coupon), and 40% off a cut of batik for a sling as a baby gift for a friend. I LOVE coupons. I ended up with a little more material than I was anticipating because it was the end of a bolt and they sold me the last 1/2 yard at 50% off to take it off their hands. Snug has been wanting a sling for his "blue beers" for quite some time, so he'll probably get his wish now. He often times takes his "Linus" blanket and wraps it around his neck with the bear(s) attached.

Baby J is taking more and more steps...I'll have to video it again so you can see. He will take about 5 before deciding it is too much work. He also gets on the couch with great proficiency. Getting off the couch...not so proficient.

He had a couple of Dr.s appts. this week. He is 21 lbs, 30 inches. That is the 13% for weight, and 49% for height. We are done with the GI doctor, hopefully forever. Also, he will be getting tubes put in his ears, but we don't know when. He is still significantly behind in speech. That does NOT mean he is quiet...anyone who is in a block radius can probably attest to that this afternoon :o)

Seems how the kids are actually UP as I am writing this, I had better stop...but I feel more organized.

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All Things Family said...

wow, I HATE it when nap is skipped...makes me crazy!