Saturday, August 1, 2009


There is usually quite a bit of drama when it is time to go down for naps, so when the sobbing fit throwing ended super abruptly today, I had to go see what was going on. I peeked through the crack in the door and Snug was sleeping with his bears as he should be.

Next I peeked a little further in to make sure that Baby J hadn't pulled all of his diapers into the crib as has been his habit lately (I moved the changing table to make way for Snug's birthday present and now it is close enough that if he reaches just far enough he can snag a few to pull in). The diapers were all in neat stacks ready to be used. Hmmmm.

I couldn't see Baby J and I kept hearing this "click. click. click." sound. I opened the door just far enough to see that he had pulled off his comforter that hangs on the end of the bed to block light and to be pretty (sorry mom, it is just TOO nice to use). He was reaching through the bars to play with the bead run on the little desk* at the end of his crib. The fallen comforter was shielding him from seeing me (and I from him for a few moments). I ran to get the camera, and as the flash went off, he looked up like "oops. busted."

*We are the proud owners of a little desk and chair that is toddler/preschool size. Eventually it will go in the basement with the rest of the Draycare toys to be used to play "school" or "restaurant" or "burning building for Rescue Heroes to rescue" but for now it is sitting in the big empty spot with the bead run atop it until the train table makes its appearance. THANK YOU to the family who donated it to us :o) It will get much use here, I assure you!


Anonymous said...

very innovative!

MELISSA said...


Deb said...

Smart kid :)
Hey question. I am hoping to get some babyLegs for this little one (since a lot the clothes we have for him are summer and he'll hopefully be a winter baby) and for my niece. Where did you get yours? I want to make sure I get the best deal (the better the deal- the more I can get!)

Cindi said...

And you are most certainly welcome for the table! We couldn't think of a better recipient! :)