Monday, August 3, 2009

Extreme Makeover, Beavercreek Edition

Extreme Makeover, Home Edition is building a new home for a family about 10 minutes from our house! How exciting! We tried to go over last night, but they are shuttling people in on school buses and they stop shuttling at 7:30 pm...we were 8 minutes late. So we set off again this morning, and I plan on going back at least one more time.

Snug decided it was a "pike" day today. He hasn't had a fauxhawk in a few weeks, but today was a special day I guess. He really liked watching "Scoop" and "Lofty" work on the house.
It was truly amazing to see how fast they worked on the house. When we first got there they were just putting the first parts of the roof on, and when we left a man was using a broom to sweep off any loose debris-we were there about an hour and 20 minutes.

The people working were really great too. This is Dano. He travels with the crew to do security. This is his 28th build. We know pretty much his whole life story because his job is to stand and make sure people are behind the barricades. He likes to talk to people so he isn't bored. I guarantee he wasn't bored this morning! My friend's son is pictured here too, as they happened to be at the site the same time as we were.

This place was HOPPING! Big trucks and Gators and construction vehicles galore. There was construction stuff or tents set up all the way down the street and up a few side streets. Port-a-potties and work tents were in everyone's front and backyards. The neighbors were pretty happy about it as we got to talk to one, and saw several others standing around watching. They were extended an offer to stay at a local Hilton, but as far as the one man knew, no one had taken them up on it-they were happy to be part of the hub-bub.

I am NOT happy with Snug in this picture. He wouldn't get his dumb Nalgene out of his face. My friend got some better shots, so I'll have to print a couple of hers. Do you know this woman? She is DeeDee, a designer from the show. She loved Snug and when he went to shake her hand asked if she could hold him and did I want a picture. Um....sure. Along with overseeing things around there she also took the time to sign t-shirts, greet people, and hold small random boys with obnoxious water bottles.

Had I thought of it earlier, I would have had Stellan's name written on something a bit more substantial...oh well. Dano was nice enough to hold it for me so I can send it to MckMama. I don't think she has one with Extreme Home Makeover yet :o)


The Kampers said...

how fun!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I love that you had Stellan there! Any Ty sightings? That's what I'd be there to see... ;-)

Mandy said...

Neat stuff!

Just to let you know, you've been given a One Lovely Blog Award! Check my blog to see:

BlogBaby said...

Wow that is so cool! It is a well known fact that my SugarDaddy cries like a BABY every single Sunday thanks to Extreme Makeover Home Edition. He's a bit of a softy that way.

Snug is pretty cute, I can see why DeeDee took a shine to him. Loving the Hawk! BigBoy just recently got one himself. A couple of cool dudes these boys are, hey?