Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Four Beersh

When Snug got super attached to a blue bear he got as a gift, we immediately did what we had been advised to do and got a second one. This is supposed to help when we need to wash one or if one gets lost. When both bears immediately got very ratty and Snug couldn't sleep without one, we got 2 more. #1 has nicknamed them "Healthhazard". It is actually kinda hard to refer to "nigh-night bear" as I call him/them as "them" because we usually only get to see one or maybe two at a time so it seems like there is only one...but there are really four. Anyway, I cleaned the boys' closed this week and in the process Snug discovered that there are in fact four "beersh" as he finally has decided to call him/them this week. Up until now, these faceless, one-eared, well-sewn bears were also nameless. Yep, you heard me right, faceless. Each bear has sorta sewn on eyes and a muzzle, but the thread is really small and you can barely tell the bears have facial features at all (I"ve tried to help them out in this area). They are so well made that they only have one ear so to all your seamstresses out there..apparently if you put on a hat that is sewn on with one tiny thread, it is not necessary to put two ears on the bear. Also, it is not important that you even sew the seams of the bear well. I mean, who knew a little kid would actually LIKE this bear?
Oh yes, and one more detail about "beersh". They like to be carried by the ball on their hats. This probably why their hats have each had to have been sewn on again. To fall asleep or when he is upset, Snug rolls the balls through his fingers on the BACKS of his hands...can't really explain it. Here is a picture of him calculating how long after momma takes the picture will she take some of them away. I kinda tricked him into it. We put them all to "bed" before church and then when he was fastened into his car seat I ran back into the house and took 3 of them away again. He was so tired when we got home he seems to have forgotten there are more. I mean, he doesn't even care that one is yellow-isn't that weird?

Baby J has no "loveys" yet...he just loves his thumb. He is trying to roll over and scoots on his back all over. He actually has a bald rim around his head where he scoots across the carpet and wears his hair off. OOH-he discovered the ceiling fan too. Always good entertainment.


Megan said...

How cute that James loves his bears. Matthew takes cars to bed, he does not care about stuffed animals much to my dismay.
Oh and about the overall question you left on my blog last week, I have gotten all of Matthew's overalls second hand at consignment shops. I do think that they all have been OshKosh though, so if you could find a store that sold that brand you might be able to find some. I didn't really think about it until you asked that overalls are kinda hard to find in the bigger sizes. Matthew has always had a long torso too with short little legs and with overalls he just sometimes has to wear the next size up. I will have to check my collection and see if I have any in James' size!

Staci said...

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Mike and Katie said...

Check out this site if you're interested in donated breastmilk instead of formula. There's also tips for increasing your milk supply.

Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron has ideas for homemade baby food. MckMama has recommended it in previous posts.