Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend In Michigan

These pictures are a little mixed up. I uploaded them in no particular order, so bear with me! My mom graciously drove down to pick us up and then took us to Michigan, and then drove us back home. That was so nice seems how Baby J is a car screamer. It is a little hard to take 4.5 hours of screaming by yourself. The only hitch was just as mom arrived back in Michigan Monday evening I discovered I never took the car seats out of her car...so they are in Michigan until Baby J's baby dedication in two weeks! Thank goodness for friends who have things we can borrow! Anyway, we had a great weekend. We went up to celebrate my cousin K and his new wife R's wedding. They were married when Baby J was just a week old in Lynchburg, VA. I was so disappointed that I couldn't go, but they had a nice reception in Michigan so I could share in their special day...ok, it wasn't for just me, but we can pretend, right?

My cousin Mitt has two boys who were born within months of my two boys. Here J (will be 2 in Nov.) and Big J are demonstrating the janitors of the future. In the future we will no longer hire traditional janitors. We will simply take toddlers with tons of energy and supply them with cleaning supplies. The parents will not be compensated for the tasks accomplished, but in return have small children who sleep like rocks at night. That floor has never been so mopped.
Here G (born Aug 20-correct me if I'm wrong Mitt) and Baby J are sleeping after church. They have very similar taggies. Daddy of G informed me that if I made one side of the taggies without tags they would be better blankets. I demonstrated how a blanket can be tucked without losing a single tag! Seriously though I have noticed Baby J getting annoyed when the tag sticks up in his face.
Ok, this cutie is K.P. She is wearing a dress from when I was a little girl. Seems how I have no girls, I am so glad someone is getting use from my clothes. I think my mom made this dress for me...and I think it might have been for my school children's choir. I love the P. kids (and their parents) and enjoy seeing them when we go to Michigan.
I could not get a picture of both Big J and T together. Trying to get it was like herding cats. Anyway, T is my friendAce's little boy. Ace and I worked at camp together for years. T is so cute! He looks like a model for a kids clothing magazine.
Big J and Pop Pop have a special bond. He is always asking where my dad is and loves to "help" with various projects. Here he is helping Pop Pop with his computer game. If you love your loved ones, do not let them download Snood. It is so addicting and my poor dad has been re-sucked into its vortex. He had the addiction a few years ago, gave it up, but has recently been re-united with his old friend. I think there should be a group called SA (Snoods Anonymous) for those who can't kick the habit. I played one round and I know why you can't stop...it seriously is a habit forming game. My dad deserved the break though. He has been working and traveling like crazy. It is always nice to have something that takes your mind off of everything else for a few minutes.

Back at the reception, J, Big J, and Sh pose for a picture. Sh is my cousin K's (the cousin in front of me in the order) youngest. J is my cousin (the cousin in back of me) Mitt's oldest.
We have a similar picture of Big J and J at about the same age....maybe a little older. So cute!
Here are the stars of the show, K and R. They had a nice party, and were great hosts!
Ok, so Mitt and I had the same idea at about the same time...could we get all 4 boys in a picture at the same time? Yep! J is the only one smiling, but no one was crying! During the photo shoot J happened to reach over and touch Baby J. Big J gave him a firm look and said "NO, Mine!". I don't let Big J use that phrase but I was cracking up too much to correct him that time. It was kinda like, "you have your own kid, don't touch my brother!"
Big J takes his role in being big brother very seriously. He loves to hold Baby J and is always so gentle. Baby J is starting to not scream every time.

My Aunt J was packing to go to a church and speak about what she has been doing in Senegal and Big J loved the instruments. Here they are forming a little living room band.
And back to the reception. This is my Great-Aunt A, Baby J's Great-Great Aunt. She is my dad's mom's sister. Recently her brother H who lived in California passed away. I was glad she came to the reception and got to enjoy some babies.
A baby switch! Here is Baby J and G's first picture together. It was so fun to meet him! He just snuggles down and cuddles with you.
Here Baby J is posing with my cousin B, her boys B and B, and my Aunt B. I miss all of my Michigan family so much!


Megan said...

Looks like you and the boys had lots of fun! It is great to see pics of your family! Oh and I like your house divided flag in the last post.

MelArcile said...

It was so good getting to see you and having the boys play together again! I'm hoping that we'll see you again soon - like before Christmas!! By the way, I LOVE the picture of James, Jayce, and Shae. I need a copy of it!