Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Things Here...

Clarification of yesterday's blog-we are not DEBT FREE yet...but very close...$4,000 to go :o)
Now you know why poor Baby J cries so much...look at the abuse! Actually this was the ONLY way yesterday he'd quit crying. Seriously, on top of my head. The minute I tried to take him down he'd scream. You see my smile? It is more of a "I'm enduring this" kinda thing. At 10:30 last night I finally had to call my neighbor and ask her to help me get him to sleep. I can only take so many hours of crying. I think the poor thing either hates me or has a major tummy ache. I think it may just be me though because when I took him to nursery last night at A BRAND NEW CHURCH he was perfectly happy. The minute the nice lady handed him back to me he started crying and cried until C, bless her heart, put him to sleep for me.
We aren't switching churches Faircreek friends, I just wanted a church close to home for Wednesday nights. When Big J starts school I think that getting home about 8:45 will be too late for him on a school night. When we leave our church after choir practice of Financial Peace University, that is what time we get home. By the time he's in bed it is after 9. SOOOO when my friend invited me to a mom's Bible study at her church here in town, I took her up on it. They have a nice children's program at the same time and I figured he could make some new little friends and that would just be our Wednesday routine. That way when he gets into school he's not bumming that he can't be with his Faircreek friends on Wednesday nights-he'll have Dayton Avenue friends to look forward to. Ok, this is wrong on so many levels. First it is a terrible job on the part of the photographer...look at all the junk in the picture. Second, Big J is riding the beautiful wooden motorcycle that Pop Pop gave him. Will he ride it when Pop Pop is around? Nope. My dad bought it for him when he was 3 mos old and saved it and saved it until his second birthday. My dad was so excited for him to use it. He wouldn't ride it when he got it and now that he does ride it he's yet to ride it when my dad is around. Poor Pop Pop. Thirdly, look at the glasses he is sporting. He won't try or or hardly LOOK at his Haloween costume, but these goofy swim goggles are perfectly wonderful. He's killing me. Oh, and by the way, he licked Baby J yesterday. Hmmmmm the licking thing isn't over yet. Did I ever write about that? He licks stuff. Last year when he wasn't allowed to touch the Christmas tree he'd put his hands behind his back, lean over, and lick the ornaments. He used to lick one of the kids I babysit for too...and Aunt J. He licked Aunt J when he first met her. He is so weird sometimes.

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MelArcile said...

I can totally understand having issues - mine aren't with Grayson right now, but with Jayce. He's taken to wanting to beat up Grayson. I don't know what's wrong - not enough attention, jealously, or just interested in hitting right now. Last night he hit Grayson on the head with two toys. One was soft, but one was hard plastic. I totally over reacted too.... What do we do about these boys?
By the way, I loved your previous blog about Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. You guys should be in those videos! Anyway, we did FPU a few years ago and got all of our credit cards and Jeremy's student loans paid off... but we've definitely gotten out of the habit of using our financial plan. You've inspired me to get all of that paper work back out and try to put together a plan. I'm beyond nervous - I know what our finances look like lately, but I'm going to make it work. Your HUGE progress has inspired me. Thanks!!