Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baby J's Potty

My cousin C gave this Bebe Pod to Big J when he was little. It was her daughter G's and they didn't need it anymore. When our friends the Rs had their little girl we let them use it-she's now learning to sit on her own. Baby J has been pretty unhappy lately and part of it is he wants to be with us and upright (in other words, being held) all the time. We got the Pod back today at church and he loves it! When Big J saw it he looked for a couple of seconds, walked around it, and said "Potty. Jackie Potty". It took me a minute to translate that, but when he walked by a few minutes later he pointed at it and said "potty" and did the sign for potty. Yep, he thinks Baby J is on the potty when he sits in the Pod. Perhaps this will make Big J think HE needs to sit on the potty! It was so nice to eat a meal and not have Baby J crying. He sat in the pod in the middle of the dining room table and gurgled at all of us during supper tonight. Thanks to everyone who has given us hand-me-downs. We appreciate everything and use it often! The other night at Bible study my friend noticed Big J was wearing a shirt from her boys...I pointed out that the jeans were also from them, and then thought about it and remembered that the socks I had put on him had come out of a bag she gave us that morning (and some great Elmo undies that Big J was eyeing). Our diapers are all ours, don't worry, we don't recycle or accept them as hand-me-downs!
Since deciding to try cloth diapers we now will be recycling and accepting hand-me-downs!

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Anonymous said...

I forgot about that Bebe Pod!