Friday, October 31, 2008

Tick or Tandy

Well, after two months of trying to convince Snug he was going to LOVE wearing his Halloween costume, and then finding out he can't have hardly any sugar it was time for Trick-or-Treat. Ours was on the 30th this year, not actual Halloween. We worked with Snug on saying "Trick or treat" but he said "Tick-or-tandy". I think he had the idea anyway. One man asked him if he wanted a trick or a treat. Snug looked at him kinda funny and said "Want Tandy!"

Here's the stuff he got to keep including the treats "Bama" and Aunt J sent. I tired taking their things along and trading them on the spot but he was having none of it. He also got some little-kid friendly things trick-or-treating.

Here's what he actually got Trick-or-Treating. He only had a small bag of animal crackers the entire time. Yeah for the candy being "stuck" in its package.

Baby J didn't go Trick-Or-Treating. He dressed up as a puppy and passed out candy with C.

Here's #1 passing out candy to kids from his cruiser. He got out for a quick picture with the boys.

My Little Spider Boy! I cut his hair in a mohawk for the occasion. Not that mohawks have anything to do with his spider costume, but he needed a haircut and I thought he could have a mohawk for a couple of days. I'm going to start cutting his and #1's hair to save money.

This is the chaos at our mall today. They had a Halloween party for kids. It was complete with a runway for showing off cute costumes. Our Draycare kids loved it! There was also face painting, candy (cause every kid there needed some more), games, and prizes.

Here are my kids all dressed up. Had I known pumpkins were the theme this year I might not have had Snug be a spider...but then again he was such a cute spider!

R's face painting. Yeah, this whole thing was free...they were like artists!

Snug's artwork.

No facepaint for Baby J, but he did sport the ever popular pumpkin look. He is sitting up against a bench here, but nothing on either side of him. He is growing up so fast!

Here the boys are with C. and C.

And here are some more kids from our church. We went as a playgroup, but it was so crowded we didn't do much together as a group except eat lunch in the food court in two shifts.

So, Halloween is done for another year...tomorrow I'll go to Wal-Mart and see what Snug will be next year. Did I mention his costume cost $3.09?

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