Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Praying For Stellan

A couple of months ago I was browsing my cousin's favorite blogs and stumbled across a blog I found interesting. 'MckMama' has been blogging about kids, pregnancy, etc and today her baby Stellan was born! He was one of those "you should just abort" babies due to an enlarged heart and other issues. However he had two apgars at 9 each! Isn't God great? She is a Christian and attributes Stellan's health to Him alone. I will continue praying for them though because some of the conditions they were worried about could prove to be a problem in the future...but for today he is alive and well!
Just for clarification on "stinky feet cake" mom was wondering what on earth I was talking about. That was the point...he just randomly came up with that...I have NO idea what prompted him.

This is a much better 4 month picture of Baby J...see what a difference when I actually take the time to take a picture instead of remembering at 10pm, rushing in and taking a picture just because I need it? Too bad this wasn't taken on Monday...his actual 4 month birthday.


Kim said...

I too am praying for Stellan, thanks for the update - I didn't get the chance to check in on them last night. I love both pictures of 4 month old Jack.
Aunt Kim

MELISSA said...

I have followed this blog too! And was so excited to read Stellan arrived and is doing amazingly well! Such a miracle and answer to prayer. I found MckMama's blog through another one a friend shared with me, Bring the Rain which is another great read!