Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yucky Feet Cake

Big J is talking more and more. He says some funny stuff. I was making birthday cupcakes for Little M(turned 3). I try to keep the Draycare kids out of the kitchen when I am making lunch, but other than that I let them see what I'm doing/and or help. Let me set up the scenario...I'm elbow deep in cake batter with 4 small children running around the house. Big J wanders in (I actually recorded the conversation right after because I was laughing so hard). "Momma, what doing?"
Me: "Making cupcakes".
Big J: Cake? Oh. (James likes to say things kinda question like and then say 'oh')
Me: I just keep working
Big J: "Ewwww. Yucky Feet Cake!
Me: I just look at him really puzzled...did he really say "yucky feet cake"?
Little M: No! No yucky! My burfday cake
Big J: No Mine! *fight insues

It is never dull here let me tell you.

Baby J was 4 months old yesterday. Of course I was on top of things and did not wait until 10pm to take his 4 month picture. Props to MckMomma for Not Me Monday...speaking of MckMomma, please be praying. Tomorrow morning she goes in to have baby #4 who has an enlarged heart and other health problems...a true miracle baby, but aren't they all?

Thanks so much to Aunt D for these supercute matching sweatsuits for the boys. They were warm and snuggly in our cold cold weather today.

Here is Little M blowing out the candle on his yucky feet cake. I made mini cupcakes to limit the ammount of sugar the kids were getting. I try to limit the ammount of fats and sugars the kids get. I push the fruits and veggies instead.
Soooo, I'm trying to go green and get out of debt...trying to do both can seem counterproductive. Organic and green products tend to be pricier than others. I am looking into Melaleuca products as I type. I'm on some kind of conference sales call and I am not blogging at the same time :o)
I am also going to give cloth diapers a try. My mom is going to let me use Uncle Alligator and my old cloths. Anyone have any suggestions to make this work? Both of these things, Melaleuca and cloth diapers claim to save money AND are green. (Well, the diapers will be a bit yellow and maybe brown, but those are earthy colors, right?)
Get your Omega 3 Fatty Acids...give me all the feedback you can...share my blog if you feel someone would like to know what we are doing around here.


Kim said...

I would recommend the diaper liners when you use cloth diapers. They are a life saver and are flushable so much of the yuckies can go down the stool. I used them when using cloth diapers with my first born. You will have to purchase the plastic/rubber covers also. Consider the cost of the laundry too. My second born, I treated myself to disposables and never regretted it. Hope it works for you!
Aunt Kim

Megan said...

I was thinking about going with cloth diapers this next time around too. But Erik and my Mom just groan when I mention it. I have a feeling I would have to keep some disposables around for my dear hubby's sake if I ever wanted him to do the changing. You'll have to tell me how it goes if you switch.

Faith said...

Hi Jenney! I know we've never met, but Matt said it would be okay to respond to you some time on here as he gave me your family blog info... I enjoy reading your updates on your family! You are such a GREAT writer!
Anyway, I decided to finally respond. I have to tell you that I LOVE Melaleuca products. Their cleaning agents are great, as well as some of their medicinal creams... I was in a bicycle accident when I was younger and injured my face pretty badly... We used Mel. products, and I have absolutely NO scars. As far as going green...I think it's GREAT! (I can't give you any hints on using cloth diapers as we don't have any children :)
Not sure if Matt told you, but my husband, Travis, and I are in FPU as well... We adore the class and what we've learned! So glad to hear you are soooo close to being debt free. We have student loans galore, so we're really trying to work on our debt snowball at this moment in time (between two private colleges, and my masters in counseling we've accrued a lot!UGG!) So glad you can share in your FPU experiences to encourage us to keep working on it!
I hope some day we can meet! You sound wonderful!
Faith Gingerich