Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok, so I gave up ER last season because it was just too soap opera-y for me...and it made me cry too much...but I've taken it back up this season because it is the last season and I want to know what happens to everyone. I started watching ER my freshman year at Cedarville with my unit. I have to tell you, Thursday nights were one of the only things I looked forward to in my week because I was sooooo homesick. Anyway, #1 was glad when I gave it up because he had to remind me these were not really people I knew. But I always felt like I did. Abby's little boy was born premature and in the NICU the season after I had Snug...kinda touched a nerve. And now Abby is leaving? So sad.


This is one of the books I am reading. I left it on the back porch swing while I went to change Baby J. I came back out to find E and Snug fighting over who got to scribble on it with my highlighter...isn't it ironic? There should be a book "How To Make Children Mind After You've Lost Yours"


Here is our M. entertaining Snug while I tutor T. We love M., we really do.


Yep, our letter this week is "f" and we made cute firehats...thanks mom! #1 was making fun of them saying the kids were dressed as the pope for Halloween. How mean.

Baby J hates tummy time, so I've been trying to make it more fun. Usually I "fly" him while I lay on the floor and this usually brings lots of laughs from him and deposits of drool on my face. I also try to get him up on the boppy too. He just doesn't like tummy time on a blanket. #1 and I looked at Snug's 4 month pictures today and it was eerie how much the boys look the same. Baby J had the exact same expression on his face while we were comparing the two. They are way different in size and personality, but in the face...practically twins.

Well, Abby is about ready to resign from County. I am so sad, and I might start crying. When Dr. Green died a few years ago, I cried for a hour after and teared up for days.


MELISSA said...

Ok I am sorry to say I am cracking up over the highlighter incident. That is totally something that would happen in my house. I may have to look for that book - sounds like one I could benefit from, although I think your title would be even more helpful of a book :).

MelArcile said...

I share you sentiments with the ER stuff. I have been a semi-loyal follower for years. It started when the show started - after all, I wanted to be a doctor so why not watch a show about doctors (when my parents would allow it.). Lately, it's been one of those shows I might catch when I've got nothing to do. Lately, that hasn't been too often. I too cried when Dr. Green died. It was one of the best episodes I've ever seen... I also watched last night because I was sad to see Abby go. It's funny how similar we are Jenney. I also could use the book that you are reading, so let me know if you gather some good info from it!!