Monday, October 27, 2008

What A Weekend!

I had a great weekend because I got to scrap for 2 days straight. I used to be a Creative Memories consultant and have lots of great stuff, but no time to do it! My friend April has several scrapbooking weekends a year and I got to go. #1 and the boys stayed at the hotel where we were for the night so I got to feed Baby J and see them. Snug got to take a bath in a real tub which is always a treat. #1 got to watch Ohio State lose to Penn State (fake sob).
I do need to take less pictures though. I filled an entire album with just 7 months of Snug last year. That was 84pages with about 6 pictures on each page. Yikes. I had bought these cute denim coversets for Snug before I quit being a consultant and planned on them lasting until like 1st grade. HA. I"ll be lucky if they last until he is 3. I haven't started Baby J's books yet, but I am caught up in Snug's book to where Baby J was born so hopefully I can start doing almost duplicate pages and get done faster.
Also this weekend we got to see my Aunt K and Uncle R! They were in Ohio for a wedding and we got to eat lunch with them on Sunday. They took us to Don Pablos-Yummy! Always nice to see family. I don't have any pictures because I didn't have my camera.
Anyway, if you feel scrappy get your pictures organized and get working! Also a great option is digital scrapping (you actually save money over buying albums, pages, protectors, adhesive, photo processing, stickers, and paper)
*$1000.75 until DEBT FREE...

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