Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ok. I have a new uploader.  And instead of having to put pictures in the opposite of what I want them to appear...I guess I can do it how I want them to look.  But 17 pictures later...I'm so not going to re-upload them.  So please please go to the bottom :o)

And now you're to the end of the post.  Sorry so confusing.  Please pray we do NOT lose electricity tonight due to storms.  More pictures another day!
 We swam briefly, as it was a high of 70 with a little breeze.  The pool was heated, but it still wasn't what you'd normally call "swimming weather".  Rosebud LOVES water and enjoyed every minute of her time in the pool.
This baby girl was so happy to be out of coats, tights, and extra layers.  She just wiggled and wiggled her toes.
 We had lunch at my parent's "house" before going to swim in their heated pool.
 This is the view from my parent's campsite at their trailer park.  I'll put up a whole post on why they are there for the winter and the rest of what we did on this particular day.
 My brother is amazing with a camera.  He knows how to do things I still haven't figured out.  And he doesn't even own a camera like this.  He has used good cameras before and just instinctively knows what will look good.  You may remember him as "Mr. Computer".  Snug calls  him Uncle Alligator-see previous pictures!
 Got to love self timers  :o)
 This is a view of the mangrove from up on a tower.  You can see the city line in the very very back...but there are miles and miles of these plants.
 A view down the mangrove boardwalk we went down.  We saw cool spider webs, fiddler crabs, and lots of discarded drink bottles.  That was just so sad.  Who looks at all this beauty and then throws their garbage down?
 See!  I told you!  Lots and lots of alligators.
 A look down a canal.  Alligator country.
 On a nature walk near their condo, we saw all kinds of fun stuff.  I took saved and kept  480 pictures.  I won't share them all today.  Or ever.  But I had a blast working with my new camera.   This is a blue crab coming out from his home (see shadow on the left).
 This is a picture I was hoping for.   I actually took it several times.  Rosebud with her aunt and uncle.  Aunt Danielle "wore" her much of the time we were there.  She may not be a mom yet, but she is a natural!
 It is so odd to look at this picture as my lights are flickering.  We are in the middle of an ice storm that is threatening to take our power!
 This is Rosebud with the pilot on her first flight.  He was smitten with her.  He let her push buttons and play with everything.  I was hoping very much that he knew how to re-set everything!  Meanwhile I am standing where the very last of the passengers are trying to board and my carry-on is in the place where the stewardess is trying to serve beverages to the first class passengers.
 I was thinking if I waited to be one of the last ones on the plane, that we'd have to sit less.  However, I didn't think about trying to drag my carry-on and diaper bag while carrying a baby down a very skinny isle.

I was also so pleasantly surprised at how nice people were.  Several people helped me with getting my carry-on suitcase up into the overhead compartment/back down and even off the plane till we got into the airport. Even the TSA people who have been getting a horrible wrap were very polite and patient and helpful.
Good.  You are at the bottom and the "beginning" of this post!  So we left Friday evening after Draycare for an all-night trip to Florida.  We had a layover in Atlanta, and then landed in Ft. Myers about 11:45 pm.  I had the PERFECT traveling companion.  Very very little fussing, lots of sleeping and smiling, and trying to become friends with everyone on board.  I learned after this first flight that I need to pre-board when given the chance.


CM said...

Wow, how fun! Beautiful shots and love that last picture, er I mean first picture...or well, the picture at the end of Rosebud with her big smile! :-)

PS. Have you ever tried using Windows Live Writer? I use it for posting all of my posts. Makes load pictures a snap. Also, I miss your blocks header!

CFMama said...

I wish we were in the warm weather too. Sick of snow here. And she looks so beautiful, love the amber.

Kim M said...

I see beautfiful scenery but even better is the happy beautiful people! Pop Pop and Grandmommy look very happy!

I think my favorite picture is Nathan, Danielle and Rosebud!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm in LOVE! Rosebud is just beautiful and looks sooo happy! What personality!!!!

Esther said...

She is so sweet. I'm so glad you had so much fun!

suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter} said...

how great to get away--especially with a happy, cooperative baby! what a sweetheart. i'm trying not to be jealous of all those rays!