Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Look Alikes

This past weekend the kids and I headed north for another CILT weekend.  I had a day of lecturing on Saturday while they got to play at Grandmommy and Pop Pop's house.  I was SO THANKFUL they came and got us and then drove us back home as there was a huge accident that caused quite the backup on the way there and then very bad driving conditions on the way home due to snow and ice.  

While at their house I went through some of my old pictures from when I was a year old.  Many people say that Rosebud looks very much like me, and once in awhile I catch a glimpse of her that reminds me of photos I've seen of myself as a baby.  
 It is weird to look at this picture and think "that's me!".  I think "look at her, her hair and Rosebud's grow the same way and have to be swept to the side".
 This is my Grandma Gingell.  She is my dad's mom.  She passed away shortly after #1 and I started dating, I've always been so happy she got to meet him.  She loved my (9) cousins and I so much.  She would have loved to see her soon to be 17 great-grandchildren. (she did get to see several of them)
 This is my mom and I.  She'll kill me for posting this picture, because she never likes pictures of herself.  But I love this picture of me with her.  You can tell I was a loved and well cared for baby.  And personally I think my mom looks great!
 You can sorta see my dad in the background of this one.  This is (one of) my first birthday party.  I am enjoying cake  :o)  This picture looks JUST like Rosebud when she is eating.
 Again, this one is so much like her.

I love this picture too.  My mom is holding me and my Grandma Powley (mom's mom) is behind me.  I was only 5 when my grandma died, and I don't remember very much about her.  My mom doesn't remember who made the yellow sweater for me, but I have it hanging in Rosebud's closet for this spring.  It is a little big on her right now.  

Anyway, it was fun to look through pictures. you think there is a family resemblence?
  Participating in Wednesday's Walk today.  


CM said...

So cute! How fun, I hope your mom reads this post. What a beautiful family you have.

BTW, did you change the name of your blog???

Linda said...

I enjoyed the pictures of you as a baby! It is so much fun to walk down memory lane!

Have a great day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Erin said...

I cant believe how much your cousin looks like your mom in that second picture... crazy!! I think all of your kids look just like you, but rosebud is so darling and looks just like her momma!! I love it!!

fblife said...

great pictures! Isn't if fun to see who looks alike?

CM said...

PS. I sent you an email about homeschooling resources, if you know of any, especially science/math for Sprout. Thanks!

Jenilee said...

yes, yes, yes! look alikes for sure! you were adorable and so is rosebud :) thanks for taking the time to post these pictures! :) good job!

Esther said...

I do! Isn't it fun having a doppelganger? I have one too.

Melissa said...

That was so fun! I also think about how much Grandma would have loved to meet her newest great-grandchildren. Like my mom says, "she's in heaven, picking them out." :)

Sandra said...

Ho-ly! She totally looks like you did! You really can't tell the babies apart! That's really freaky!