Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Creating Color

 These boys were really thankful for their dinner last night.  Snug was praying, and no, they don't know I snapped a quick picture as they thanked God for their food.  I felt a little guilty doing it actually, but they are SO CUTE when they pray.  I bet God thinks that too.  He loves them more than I do you know!

We've had day after day of snow, ice, rainy sleet, and  sub zero weather.  I like winter, I don't mind snow, and I know spring will come soon.  But things are just a little blah color wise in these parts.
 So because the boys had had a big lunch (when we do our main meal of the day) I decided to let them have a "snacky" supper.  I already had jell-o ready for dessert (pieces left from the jigglers I'm making for Snug's Valentine party at school tomorrow) and oranges and peas ready for their dinner...and while I was deciding what else to serve, I guess I was inspired by the colors and poked around our fridge for yellow, blue, and purple.
Little Monkey Man saw me take the picture of Snug's plate for a close up and he also wanted his dinner photographed.  More specifically he said  "pic.  me.  pate.  too.  pic.  uh-huh" (say that while smiling and nodding your head.)

Will post beach pics soon.  Just being lazy.

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Assistant Ring Master said...

They are so cute! I love listening to my kids pray...they are thankful for the sweetest things that I often find myself taking for granted.