Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Drug

Nope. I'm not on Valuim.  I'm just using the picture.  Seriously kinda a cool looking pill.  But I am going to create a new drug.

This drug is called " Sonotgonnahappen"  is going to make you have a better day.  It is a cure-all for what ails you.  You no longer have to worry about waking up on the wrong side of the bed.  You no longer have to worry about anything.  Take this pill and your worries will melt away.  Life will be perfect.

Now you have to imagine that there is a man who speaks very fast doing the next part of my advertisement:
Side effects often include, but are not limited to headaches, nausea, cramping of all muscles, and frequent urination.  Tell your doctor if you have ever had a broken bone, cold, or know someone who has had a cold.  Failure to take the pill correctly could result in stroke, hernias, and certain death.  Dry mouth, constipation, fatigue or dizziness could be signs of rare, but serious life-threatening complications.  Do not take if you've ever been to Florida, New Jersey or any state beginning with the letter "M".  

Seriously though.  Do you ever LISTEN to the drug commercials they advertise?  They are ridiculous!  Just being dumb.  Enjoy your day!

**I am not endorsing any drug on the post.  I do not endorse using  medication of any kind or using prescription drugs outside of a doctor's orders.  Or better yet, find a natural/herbal remedy  ;O)


Melissa said...

You make me laugh. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Valium? I knew what that was before I even scrolled down. Oh. Wow. Has it been that bad here? That is one that gets swiped all the time. Not good.
Love, #1

CM said...

I totally agree with your last statement. I can' believe how many people just run to their doctor for every little thing and get a pill prescribed. And don't even get me started on the pharmaceutical companies!