Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have beach pictures to post, but I also had lots of pictures of the afternoon/evening we spent in Naples.  There were too many to have them be one post.  There's too many period.  But I really did weed lots out, and I am bad at making decisions on what to keep and what to toss.  
I loved this art thing.  I know, that is very technical.  But it was very cool.

 I don't know how old the buildings there are, but the architecture was awesome. 
 We did lots of window shopping and some browsing.  I couldn't even afford to think about buying anything.  

 There was some kind of street art contest that had been going on the day before.  They were done in chalk, but had something over them that kept them from being smeared.  I took pictures of some of my favorites.  

 This one was awesome.  A picture doesn't do it justice.
 The restaurants along the street were exquisite.  I stopped long enough to take a picture of a place setting out on a patio.  
 GASP!!!!!!  And breathe.  Rosebud likes to spend as much time as we allow her right now viewing her world upside down.  Aunt Danielle not only has her in the sling, but also has both of her hands on her.  Rosebud throws herself backwards all the time and we have to be very vigilant while holding her.  
 You may or may not see this again for a "Before and After" or "Black and White Wednesday" post.  Sorry.
 So many beautiful details. 
Just soak up the rays and the lush green look.  Spring is coming, I promise.  
 This baby loved her Uncle Nathan.  She was all smiles for him all the time.

 More sunny beach pics to come soon.  Meanwhile bundle up and sip some cocoa.  I know I am!

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Anonymous said...

Love your Naples pics! We were there this past June :) I actually took the same pic of the Naples sign :) Jennifer Davis