Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Don't Know What You've Got...

...till it's gone.

Like our hot water.  Since Wednesday.

Wednesday I was trying to give Rosebud a bath when I noticed that the hot water was a little slow in coming.  As in not coming.

And since then #1 has been on the phone with the company (the warranty that should still be in place was voided when the home switched owners.  Convenient.)

And since then I've been taking cold showers or lukewarm baths (think boiling water on the stove).  And Rosebud takes warmish baths.  And the boys went to #1's workout place today to take a shower with him there.  Cause as long as he's working out everyday he gets a hot shower.  That might convince me to start working out.  Or not.

So.  You really don't appreciate what you have.  Until it is gone.

If you didn't "click" on my last post, I'm giving you another chance.  Right here.  Seriously check out this post.  It is the story of someone who has been deeply affected by the issue of abortion.

Because when women have abortions, they will never truly know what they had.  And it will be gone.  Forever.


Jenilee said...

I am sooooo sorry about your water!!! Bring your family over and take a shower! Seriously!! call me!

Rebecca said...

Sorry about your water dear. I'm just getting a moment to read your post here. This was a good post. One really has to take in perspective what we DO have b/c when it's gone, it's gone.
Have a blessed day and hope the water issue gets resolved quickly!