Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forgotten Photos

 Jenilee's Wednesday's Walk was perfect today.  Because I found some pictures that never made it into the right file on my computer. They were just hanging out in my computer and I stumbled upon them.  I never did anything with them apparently!
Last August the town we used to live in had a train festival.  We went to it with some friends.  They have two girls almost the exact same ages as our boys.  
 There were different rides, and this one was a train that you had to pedal with your hands.  The kids loved it.
Snug was pretty good at it, although you wouldn't know it from this picture as he's holding up traffic!
 There were also barrel rides.  If I remember right, all the rides were free but they accepted donations.
  I can't believe how much LMM has grown up!  
There was also a model train that the kids loved to watch.

As I look at these pictures and remember last summer, I wonder if Snug's bright orange crocs will still fit.  Or if he'll want a mohawk for the summer.  I wonder if LMM will ever have his beautiful long hair again.  Or if he'll still get super excited about trains.  I wonder if we'll go to this festival again, and if we do if Rosebud will be walking all over the place.  I am also wondering why my boys were wearing jeans, because if I remember right, it was SWELTERING that day!

Anyway, just a walk down memory lane.  Thanks to The Goodwin Family.


CM said...

So cute! What fun rides.

The jeans...didn't you say once that your boys insisted on wearing pants/jeans?

Can't wait to see pics of Rosebud, I can't believe she's getting that big!

Jenilee said...

i know that at least Elayna is going to need new crocs this summer. love those shoes for the girls! cute pictures!! those train rides are super fun. we had a barrel train at our harvest party for church. :)

by the way, annalise and abby hate jeans. I have to force them to wear them. can't wait for summer and shorts!