Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Work In Progress while Snug was working on writing his name and such I decided to try shooting in manual (this picture wasn't, it was in "camera does everything for me" mode.  I am planning on sending him to public kindergarten in the fall, but they have a really awful schedule this next school year in which he'll attend a fulll 88 days.  I'm not terrible excited about that, so on the days he doesn't go I'll be homeschooling him.  We've already begun so he is used to working at the table by himself while everyone else is doing their own thing.
 So I began shooting.  I deleted lots, but even though this one was too dark, I still liked it.
 Getting better...
 And then as I was working on getting my settings correct, he decided I needed a silly picture.
 Ah!!! That's better.  I think all the settings are in order.  Too bad it took me like 40 pictures to get it.
 Nope too much.  My shutter speed was too slow and let in too much light.
 And then on accident I hit my little dial thing (that's the technical term I believe) and my shutter speed was too fast and didn't let in enough light.
 And then it was back to balanced.  And he was back to work.
 Oh, Someone else was doing on a Sharpie.
And someone else enjoys posing for a picture.  
 So a big thank-you to my two willing participants this afternoon.  I appreciate their willingness to sit still(ish) and smile.
Oh, and this is one of the things Snug was working on.  He was drawing things and then I had to guess what it was.  You have an astronaut, his space rocks, a balloon, a # sign (I showed him how to do that earlier and he really likes it, some random letters (i, m, l) and his sounded out word "astronot".  We said it very slowly together and he wrote the sounds he heard.  I was kinda proud  :o)


Rebecca said...

Wow you are great at taking pics of your kids. I'm so bad at it. What a creative silly little guy you have. Dear your kids are scrumptious!

Esther said...

Great pictures!

I love when they start writing words phonetically. So dang cute.

CM said...

He is so smart! That's awesome.

Rosebud is adorable as ever, love the big smile pic!

Anonymous said...

That totally rocks that he spelled it all by himself! Go ahead and be proud momma! :) And lil miss's hair? ADORABLE!! :)

Jenilee said...

you will do just fine homeschooling! :) I know you can do it! :) If I can, you sure can. :) and, you'll have to teach me all your tricks on that camera when I finally save up to get one myself!