Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Know...One of THOSE Weeks.

We had one of THOSE weeks.  I haven't posted in awhile, because, well, this post will explain itself.  

Last week, Tuesday Snug got sick in the evening with a high fever and cough.  By Wednesday morning he was completely fine.  Everyone else around us has been sick, but I really had the audacity to think that we'd escaped.  Pride cometh before the fall.

Fast forward to Thursday night (or was it Friday all becomes a blur when you are up 5 times a night with your 2 year old).  When #1 got home from work Little Monkey Man woke up and had to "potty".  He was burning up- 103.9.  He also started coughing fits that could only be quieted with breathing treatments.  This went on all weekend, with Rosebud getting a fever (not nearly that high) and cough for, like Snug, less than 24 hours.  Monday LMM was so bad I took him to our doctor.  He was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  Anti-biotics and more breathing treatments took us into Tuesday.  By Tuesday morning he was a new little man.  Whew, we are out of the dark.

Or not.  

Wednesday morning LMM woke up with his fever back up into the 102's and he could hardly breath.  Along with that he was so lethargic he cried every time he tried to stand up.  Back to the doctor with daddy.  I had a daycare kid that day because on Tuesday, he had been FINE!  

Doctor took him as soon as I called, checked him over briefly, and called our Children's Hospital saying he was on his way.  #1 stopped at home so I could take him in.  I could answer the "what, how much, how long, how often, when" questions as I had been the one with him since the entire sickness started.  

As we sat in the waiting room, poor little guy could hardly sit up by himself.  I filled out all the paperwork, rubbed his hot little head, and waited.  We were led to a Triage room where I answered a bunch of questions, and when they asked what medications he had taken that day I realized in the middle of giving him breathing treatments and his anti-biotic and his daily vitamins...he had NEVER HAD MOTRIN!!!  Hello.  No wonder he had a fever of 103.2 at the hospital.  He was given what looked to be a double dose by the nurse-pronto.    

We were just wrapping up the "give us your life history" portion of our ER tour when I felt the need to use the little girl's room.  I asked the nurse, who directed us across the hall, and carried LMM in there.

The end.

Or not.

I then decided that I NEEDED to use the little girls room, threw LMM's coat on the sink and used the facilities.  The sink was automatic.  Begin water flow directly on LMM"s coat sleeve.  

Poor LMM could hardly stand, he's crying, flushed, and sick as can be.  And mommy proceeds to use that hospital bathroom for the next, oh, I'm not exactly sure how long.  Many many people knocked on the door.  I'm going to guess about 30 minutes.

I was losing my breakfast, lunch, and what seemed to be last month's dinner from two directions (my mom said not to be too you can use your OWN imagination).  I finally had to use the "call a nurse" button.  In walks a young nurse who was super confused upon the scene she walked into.  I was in so much pain I didn't even really care (at the moment) what all of me she was seeing.  I just knew that my poor baby needed some help.  He just kept swaying in place and saying "mom mom.  sick.".  I felt horrible.  

She finally got me a basin and off the commode and back into the triage room where a very confused intake nurse was sitting.  She said something like "You were just in here. You were fine.  You answered all my questions".  I may or may not have said something...or nodded...dunno.

I was laid down on a child size gurney to writhe in pain and lose a few more pounds of fluid from my body.  At first they put Little Monkey Man on said gurney WITH me, but you know, there are just some things that are physically impossible.  It is a good thing I am the size of an average 14 year old (weight wise...height wise I'll give me 12)  so I could fit on the gurney at all!  By this time his mega dose of Motrin had kicked in so he sat in the chair at my bedside.  He kept telling them he needed a drink so he was blessed with not one but two slushies.  

He also kept telling the intake nurse "mom mom.  sick.  My head was spinning in pain and after another 30 minutes or so gathered my wits enough to tell the nurse there was a phone in my purse.  We called my dear dear husband who was about as confused as everyone else.  I do believe his exact words were "Are you KIDDING ME????".  

After awhile my husband, two other children, and daycare child arrived at the ER and I was put in a room.  I mean, LMM and I were.  Cause by now we BOTH have wrist bands on with our names and such.  Cause the intake nurse intook me.  I was admitted to the Children's Hospital.  (her words, not mine)

After awhile longer hives-large purple itching hives-covered me from my waist to my hair.  I was in complete misery and beginning to feel quite humiliated.  The pain and exiting was starting to subside and the full HORRIFIC truth of the situation was starting to kick in.  Also, LMM was feeling GREAT.  He was hopped up and kinda crazy on Motrin and 2 slushies.   I'd like to say for the record they assured me this was NOT the first time that they had a parent admitted who had brought in a child.  I was the first one to get so severely ill in less than 30 seconds.  

I'm not exactly sure what "admitted" means to them...we were only there a grand total of 5 hours.  After being seen by a pediatrician (yep, that hasn't happened for YEARS) I was given some Zophran (spelling?) and Benedryl.  I was pain and hive free within, oh, 10 minutes.  I then escorted LMM to his X-Ray and walked by "my" nurses.  They looked at me in shock.  Cause I was fine.  I told them I was feeling much better thanks so much!  I am so glad I do not actually know what they said about me behind my back.

LMM's lungs were clearing up nicely, but he did have respiratory flu.  Home again, home again, jiggity jig jog.

Or not.  

Cause I had gotten a dose of Benedryl.  Now, Benedryl may make the average person drowsy.  It makes me downright sedated.  I fell asleep at some point in our hospital stay.  But once I woke up we needed to drive home.  It is a wonder I didn't get a DUI.  

Thursday morning it just kept getting better.  I registered Snug for kindergarten *sniff* and while I was writing his school days on the calendar (he only goes 88 days next year...more on that at a later date) I must have gotten distracted.  Um, I do believe this is the work of LMM seems how Snug was at school and Rosebud cannot reach the table.  Yet.  At least he was kind enough to put the cap back on so it didn't dry out.  

I do believe I discovered my newly decorated calendar right after I found out that my washing machine was broken.  No idea what is wrong, they'll come look at it Monday.  

So a family of five really can't go too long without doing laundry.  Luckily we only had 3 used cloth diapers as I had JUST done them Wednesday (pre getting super sick in nothing flat and then having a miraculous healing).  We switched to disposables and tried not to dirty up too much stuff, but we were down to zero washrags or dishtowels by this morning.  

We decided to make a family trip to the laundromat this morning.  All children are well and despite wanting to keep everyone home and away from other germ infested people, #1 said it was time to get out of the house.  

We took inventory, loaded 4 baskets, and headed to a nearby town that has things to do while laundry was washing.  It is a cute town that has a kids consignment shop I love two doors down from the "mat".  The sun was shining, a light breeze blowing, 60 some degrees, and everyone was in good spirits.  And then the kids had to "potty".  

At the old train depot there is now a "chamber of commerce" and public restrooms so we headed there.  I remember hanging my purse (which I never ever use, but had used to take LMM to the hospital as I didn't need a diaper bag) on a hook in the restroom.  Then I helped him not touch anything in the bathroom, wash his hands, and we exited.  Back to the laundromat, pick up the wet clothes (our dryer is fine), back in the van, and drive to do another errand at another destination nearly 30 minutes away.  

As we arrived I reached for my purse as I had the money.  But there was no purse.  

Call police.

Drive back.

Purse was found and turned in.

Not a thing was missing.

PRAISE THE LORD.  I had prayed SO SO SO hard.  God is so good.  It could have been really bad.  

This little guy is back to 100% (minus a terrible cough that they said might linger a few more weeks).

This whole story is true.  As far as I remember it.  And that is why it was one of THOSE weeks.


Esther said...

JENNEY! You deserve a vacation after that week. Hope next week is better for you!

Anonymous said...

OH.MY.WORD!I am sooo sorry you had such a horrible week! I can't even imagine! I believe you truly are super woman! You ARE!

MamaBear said...

That's an entire SEASON'S worth of bad stuff! You poor thing! Esther is right - you deserve a vacation after that - or at least some really really nice weather!!!

What great news about your purse!!!!!!!!

Laura Johnston said...

Oh Jenney! Your ER experience tops any that I have ever heard! I had the pleasure of being there earlier this week and got the kiddie bed too but that was only because every one from two towns decided to be there at the same time. Gotta love Zofran! I love the humor that you use to tell the story of your life. I hope that you get at least a week of smooth sailing after all of that!

CM said...

Oh dear. Ok, the Children's Hospital part was kinda funny...when crazy things happen, I always say, "Only to me do these things happen" but I guess you proved that it's not just me! :-)

Hope everyone is feeling better and thank goodness your purse was still there.

The Alburger Family said...

Poor you! That sounds worse than all those college hops visits rolled into one! Glad to hear you are all doing better!!! I wonder what you were allergic to to give you such a horrible reaction!

Melissa said...

Wow, I heard that you had a bad ER experience, I just didn't know it was that bad. I'm so glad you guys are getting better! We are still praying for you guys!!

Amanda said...

Oh. My. Word. I am just sitting here in shock form all that trauma!! WOW! So glad it turned out good in the end... but MAN that was some trials!

Be blessed (and healthy!)