Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

 So...I did something for the kids for lunch that made them super happy.  I made rainbow pancakes.  I really wanted to make them, but was waiting to find natural coloring for them as we don't use food coloring unless I'm making frosting for a cake.  Even then I try to use sparingly.  I don't think it is great for them. And I mean absolutely zero offence to the SUPER SUPER creative Amanda when I say that I have an aversion to the  use food coloring.  I admire her very much-and she knows I love her! But today I used it and they loved it
 Our weather is downright fantastic.  I took Rosebud outside to take what I hoped to be her 11 month pictures (we usually go to Wal-Mart).  Still not sure I'm totally happy with the end product, but it was fun.
 I attended a photography class that was given at my church for free this past weekend.  A professional photographer and her husband (who also is a photographer) gave the 2 hour session.  I am going to start trying to take pictures in different modes...not just "action" or "micro".  I got a couple of pictures and then...
 ...she was D O N E.  I'm telling you she is either ON or OFF.  And when she is off, you better give up.
 So we tried again this afternoon while she sported her first set of pig tails.
And although she was way more interested in picking grass and eating leaves, I did get a couple of pictures.  At least I documented her new hairdo  :o)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! Rosebud's hair and legging are too much!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! :)Oh, and the pic of her crying??!?! ADORABLE! :)

You're an amazing Momma for doing those absolutely AMAZING pancakes!!!! Wish we lived closer...I have so much to learn from your momma-creativity!!!!

Jenilee said...

rainbow pancakes and pigtails... perfect post! :)

Jenilee said...

and, if they have another class, I'd love to come! I want to learn more!!!

Melissa said...

The pancakes are awesome. I made pink pancakes for Valentine's and my kids acted like I poisoning them or something.
Rosebud is BREATHTAKING in that close up shot of just her face. So beautiful! and her little outfit was adorable. Same with the pigtails. I need a baby girl!

CM said...

So cute! Love the rainbow leggings! I bet you love being able to put cute outfits on your baby girl!

The pics look great!

Jenney said...

@Faith-Any mama creativity is learned from OTHER PEOPLE I assure you. I had a super creative mom myself. I felt kinda mean taking a picture of her crying, but she was just so mad at me, and I was not feeling too terrible for her. She's started having some little temper tantrums and I'm just not overly sympathetic!

@Jenilee-Sure thing! I'll let you know!

@Melissa-You'll get a girl! I love your boys though!

@Everyone-her outfits are 90% hand-me-downs that I've pieced together from generous friends. I get a bag and it is like "shopping". We've been very blessed.

Esther said...

I love that last one. SO DANG CUTE!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Your rainbow of pancakes is wonderful. What a great St. Patrick's Day meal.

CFMama said...

Cute pigtails. 11 months!?? Where has the time gone. She has the sweetest smile. =)