Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starting Our Garden

 We have plans for a garden.  Food prices aren't getting any better and there is just something about growing your own food.

 #1 cleared away some of these scrubby natural privacy fence trees(?) last fall, but we had one more to go to make the space we need.
 As it was a really big thick one he didn't saw it by hand last fall, instead was going to get his chain saw fixed this spring and do it.  Well, fixing his chainsaw will cost $9 less then getting a new that isn't happening.
Instead, he sawed at it by hand for quite some time and then remembered his "saws all" or whatever it is called.  While not as speedy as a chainsaw, it got the job done-and Snug's undivided attention.  I am not realizing that neither of them are wearing protective eye wear, but I was there and the sawdust was minimal.
 You can see the first saw #1 was using in Snug's hand.  Once daddy was done and started hauling the branches off, Snug did some sawing of his own.
So now we have a nice big garden plot.  Today we bought seeds.  Now we need the warm weather back!

*Disclaimer.  If this tree was a nice straight thing #1 would have sawed through it with no problem.  But these particular "trees" are very gnarled, and have several "trunks" very close together with intertwined branches making it very hard to get a hand saw in there.  They are just all tangled up and it is frustrating trying to get a good angle.  He is a very strong super guy.  I don't want to downplay his ability!


Jenilee said...

looks like a mess to clear those trees away! but it will be worth it for fresh garden food! :)

CFMama said...

I can't wait to see how your garden grows (and what you plant!). Ps. I love your little disclaimer at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Ewww....I think my dad calls those 'wildlife' trees...b/c they're perfect for birds and animals, but really nothing looked like it had really coarse, vertical cracks in the bark like the ones they have....and they never grow up straight and tall...and I'm willing to bet you'll have to keep an eye out if it's on the edge of your garden, b/c they sprout waaay too

I'm excited for a garden this summer...we can't have one b/c we rent, but my Wednesday night group of ladies have talked with the church, and they have given us an area to I'm super excited!! I think there's 3 of us so far that are going in on it for sure...I can't wait for fresh tomatoes!!! :)

MONICA-LnP said...

what a great idea!good luck with the garden and look forward to see what comes up!

CM said...

Oh how fun! We love our veggie garden. The ones we plant are lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, pea pods, onions, and peppers. Good luck!