Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Library Card

Snug and I took a trip to the library today.  I'm pretty sure the librarians at the counter didn't recognize us at first as I usually show up with a baby (or 2) and at least 4 other children each week.  This has been a yucky week for us in that Sunday night LMM came down with an awful stomach/intestinal bug and then sweetly shared it with Rosebud.  So today's library outing was a trip for 2.  
I don't know why I decided today would be THE DAY...but it was.  Snug got his first library card.  He was barely able to reach the counter, but he proudly signed his own name.  

I was sad that all I had was my cellphone to capture this milestone...but at least the name of our library came out fuzzy so I didn't have to do any photo editing!  There are some pictures I take of him where he looks quite a bit older than he is...I think this is one of them.  
This is the backpack one of our children's librarians gave him to commemorate the occasion.  He was very proud.  He was allowed two items for his first check-out and he chose a Cat-In-The-Hat book (they have some new ones out with all sorts of nature facts) and a Handy Manny DVD.

I just think it is very appropriate that our resident bookworm has his own library card.  


Mom ( Grandmommy) said...

OH,MY! He sure looks grown up! He sure looks proud : )!!!

Melissa said...

Well, congratulations to Snug. What a proud mommy moment. And he DOES look grown up... I know it hasn't been that long since we saw you guys. :) PS. Don't let him tell Jayce about a library card - Jayce will be wanting to go get one of his own!

CM said...

So cute! What a fun milestone! How old do they have to be to get one? He's 4 1/2, right? I wonder if Sprout could get his?

Kim M said...

What a proud look he has! I'm sure it made him feel like quite the big kid!