Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  I'll post more pictures later, but I am utterly exhausted.  Here's her first birthday stats:
27 1/4 inch long
15 lbs 14 oz
8 teeth-4 on top plus a molar just sprouting on top along with three (one barely through) on the bottom.
Crawls, surfs the furniture, and pulls up on everything she can get her hands on.  CLIMBS
Chatters all the time, but we've heard "mama, dadda, ball, yeah"
No more bottles...had her last one before bed tonight.  My baby girl is growing up!


Esther said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Love sharing a birthday with you!

Liz K said...

Hurray for first birthdays! Great photos by the way!