Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black and White Wednesday-Baseball Boy

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 Snug started baseball (B-Ball) practice this week.  He was born ready to play baseball.  His signature "thing" is looking over at me during practice, squinting one eye shut in a wink and giving me a "thumbs up".  It is the funniest thing.  He is pretty good, but is working on being a team player.  He is learning that even though he can play all of the positions and beat everyone to the ball....he shouldn't.  His favorite part is running the bases and shouting "first, second, third, HOME!"

Watching his team is hilarious.  His coach would scare me if I met him in the dark...but looks are deceiving as he is one of the most patient encouraging guys I have ever met.  Teaching 3, 4 and 5 year olds to play ball is no easy feat.  A couple of the kids on the team are still 2.  It looks like herding cats to me, but he patiently gets them back into position and is really upbeat.

A couple of the younger kids on the team cried the entire first practice because they didn't want to be on the field and their parents are making them.  Little Monkey cried the entire first practice because he couldn't be on the field.  The second practice he brought his own bat, ball, and glove and had the other kids wanted to play with him instead of their team.  He has charisma.

This is my B&W picture this week.  He looks so much like his daddy!


Amber said...

Love that baseball season is here! You've got a cutie on your hands there...

CFMama said...

Oh you totally have to get a picture of his baseball wink and thumbs up. I would love to see that. =)

Rebecca said...

cool dude! Stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter Weekend! Blessings to you and yours.