Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

I had the fun privilege of doing a really fun Earth Day activity today!  It was the day of the Great Cloth Diaper Change!  Today cloth diapering moms across the US tried (not sure if it was successful yet or not) to break a Guinness Book of World Records for most diapers changed at the same time.  Over 400 locations took part in the event today.  
 Our location was in the middle of a large Eco-awareness fair at an Organic Gardening site.  There were tons of vendors there.  Snug went with Rosebud and I and got to plant a basket using recycled materials and organic materials.
 He had some help...
 ...but ended up with a basket (complete with a toy in the middle.  I guess they were toys people were going to throw away and got a new life as a planter piece).
 Here's Rosebud sitting on her "diaper changing station".  It was very regimented as far as what diapers were used (only cloth diapers currently available on the market, no homemade ones) and only people changing babies and babies allowed in the area.  The entire thing was photographed by a professional to make sure all the rules were followed.
 Snug even had to sit under the table where I could still see him but where he couldn't be seen by the photographer!
 There were about 40 babies participating in our location.  I have NEVER seen so many cloth diapering, babywearing mamas in my life!  It was kinda fun!  I am almost always in the minority.  I also won a prize that pertains to babywearing...and I don't really need it so I am going to try and figure out some sort of a giveaway!
 There was also a petting farm and other activities.  Snug had a wonderful time!
 On a completely different note, I want to share a few pictures with you of Rosebud's new hat.
 This is a hat with a cause.
Do you like it?  Does your baby/toddler need one?  
Well, you are in luck!  These hats are for sale (along with sock monkey hats, owl purses, and sock monkeys) for a good cause!  My new friend Faith and her husband are raising money to adopt from Ethiopia.  You can get more information  If you scroll down her blog a bit you can see more of what they are selling, or get in contact with her.  The adoption agency they are using is

The pictures were hard to get as she didn't really want to sit still...but trust me, this hat is A D O R A B L E!!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE! Yep, not only do I love the hat on Hannah (of course!), but I love the event as well!!!! Maybe by next year we'll have our two to add to the numbers! :)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

When will you know the results? That is so neat, I wish my kids were in diapers still so I could have that I don't enjoy not having to change diapers, but cloth diapers are so much more ADORABLE!!! lol....speaking of adorable, your header is so sweet!!! And I love her hat!! I'm trying to figure out when I can order hats for our girls....and I'm really wanting to add monkeys to the order too...they're all so cute!!