Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hospital :o(

Rosebud had seemed to be better from her stomach bug yesterday (Friday) but when she began having diarrhea and vomiting again this afternoon we called our family doc and he asked us to take her into our children's hospital.

I really love and really hate our children's hospital.  The hate is only because I hate to have to take my children there...ok and maybe because I was once seen there also.  But I love that they are a fantastic hospital super close to our home.

We also discovered she has lost an entire POUND since Tuesday.  After seeing her, the doctor (who received unsolicited cuddles and declared he was "in love") decided she needed an IV and some labs.  Well, he got his labs, but the IV was another monster.

The very kind, very patient nurses tried five times to get an IV line in, but it just wouldn't go.  Between being dehydrated and having...heavens I can't even think what they called her veins, it does have a name, it was tough. After a good 20 minutes straight of trying, they gave up, took blood from her foot that had been most recently punctured, and ran the labs.  She was FREAKING OUT.  FREAKING.  I've never seen her so upset.  I cried.

Remember when I said she is only unhappy/upset 5% of the time?  Yeah, that was a bunch of today.  And seriously, she was NOT.  HAPPY.  AT.  ALL.

After about an hour an IV therapist came in and tried again.  She brought with her the smallest needle (?) they have without going to the NICU and after two more attempts had success.  By now Rosebud was a basketcase, her parents weren't much better.  After all that, something had come loose and the IV was leaking so they had to untape everything and adjust it.  She was so upset I wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't been with her the whole time.  When the labs came back they determined she needed to admitted.  By this time I felt like I needed to be committed!

At this point #1 decided to get us to our room and then head home himself.  A good friend stayed with the boys and he needed to go relieve her.  Rosebud was pretty tired and cranky when we got to the hospital room, and stayed that way till she got sugar water surging through her veins. That along with the half popsicle she ate (and spilled ALL over her hospital gown that I can't really get off her because the IV line is through it and the best I can do is  have it off her and stuck to the IV pole...yes, she is naked) got her feeling better fast. She then guzzled 6 oz of Pedialyte and became...drunk?...on sugar.

Buzzed may be a better word.  She was crazy crazy.  Perhaps she was making up for her angry/sad time earlier.  That started about 10:20 she is FINALLY settling down.  I'm actually writing this and ignoring her so she'll settle down in her "cage" and go to sleep!   A friend from church stopped by our house and picked up a bag for me complete with our computer.

So she's going to be fine, but it is never fun to spend time in the hospital.  They're concerned about her dehydration, and even more concerned about her losing 6% of her bodyweight in 4 days.  That is like...two months of growth for her.

We just thank God that other than a virus she is otherwise healthy and going to be going home ASAP!


CupcakeLiz said...

Ugh. I hate when kids have to go to the hospital in general, but when they have to be poked and annoyed like that it just breaks any mother's heart. I'll be praying she is released today and you get to go home!!! {{{{HUGS}}}}

Liz K said...

Oh Jenney! I am so sorry! Praying that things turn around quickly!

Esther said...

Praying for your sweet girl. Hoping you're home by now!

CM said...

Take care and I hope she gets better soon! {{Praying}}