Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a really nice Easter.  We were able to visit # 1's family on Friday, along with our friend Faith.

Last Sunday evening our church had a service about the crucifixion that I attended with Snug.  He had lots of good questions...but was a little noisy about his questions.  He was quite upset with the soldiers.  He's heard the Easter story before, but there is something about a Good Friday or, in our case, other church service with the music and (at our church) video that makes it more "real".

Sunday I wasn't able to get into the Easter service as I was helping in Snug's preschool/kindergarten department.  I'm the coordinator for this area, so if there isn't enough help, I stay and lend a hand.  We had 27 kids so extra hands were needed!

After church one of the other teachers snapped this picture for us.  I like a nice outside Easter picture, but the weather around here is not lending itself to that.  We have had SO MUCH rain.

After church we had some friends from church over to enjoy dinner together.  Our kids played together after dinner and it was so nice to have adult interaction!!!!

Rejoicing that our Savior not only died for our sins, but rose again!  The hope and joy that his death and resurrection brings cannot be found anywhere else.  Hope your Easter was wonderful!


CM said...

What a lovely family! Glad you had a wonderful Easter. We spent ours out of town and it was awesome.

We are just starting to explain Jesus's birth, death, and resurrection to Sprout. It's hard to put it into a 4 and a half year old's language and mentality. What are your favorite books or videos to teach Snug?

Grandmommy said...

Nice picture even if it WAS inside this year :)

Will be praying for "Snug" as his questions will be increasing more and more!

Grandmommy said...

Oh, and Little Monkey Man's new picture on the side of your blog is priceless!

CFMama said...

I totally agree about pics outside but when it comes to special moments with my kids I will take a cell phone photo over nothing at all. Your family looked so beautiful