Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Grand Canyon

 We decided Thursday morning to head out to the Grand Canyon.  The drive was BEAUTIFUL.  The scenery changed about every 20 minutes.
 This was a scenic overview.  Well worth the short stop!
 A big horned ram.
 This was a few miles down the road.  We also saw desert and forest.
 We took a tripod so we could get pictures of ourselves.
 I had never seen cacti growing wild before.  So fun!
 I cannot even begin to describe the Grand Canyon.  The pictures don't even start to show how huge and beautiful it is.
 On the video at the visitor's center they talked about how it was formed over billions of years.  I know better, and the scenery seriously made me want to sing hymns.  Don't worry, I didn't-aloud.
 Every time we got off the bus it was a new view.  Just completely amazing.
 Look closely.  Do you see a castle?  I do!
 We'll call this my 31.5 week preggo pic.
 #1 does a workout called "Crossfit".  They take pics of themselves doing this all over the world.  He can't wait to send his in.
 We were wearing sunglasses because it was VERY bright out and hot.  I was told it could be quite chilly around the rim this time of year but not this day!
 Yep, I was standing right on the edge.  However, I'll just say for the record that the next level down was only about 5 or so feet down.  Not a fun fall, but not deadly either!
 We got to see a herd of elk drinking in a little pool right off the parking lot.
 They were pretty used to visitors as people were walking right up to them and this guy stopped up traffic for awhile.
 If we would have realized exactly what 5 hours of driving to, then seeing, and then driving 5 hours back from the Grand Canyon was really like we probably would have stayed at the park.  Hindsight is 20/20.
We eventually did have to leave, but we are so glad we took the time to go.  
The drive back to Vegas after dark wasn't much fun, but we have memories of this place that we'll have forever.


Jenilee said...

amazing!!! I love it! we want to go there and your trip makes me want to go even more :) so glad you two got to do that together!!

CM said...

Awesome! How fun, looks like you had a great time!

Liz K said...

Oh what fun!!! Did just you and #1 one go? Sorry I have sorta been MIA...but I am here and I do still read regularly!!:)