Saturday, October 8, 2011

Indian Summer

Sometimes being a police officer means that #1 isn't around much.  This weekend is one of those times.  He left for work yesterday at 3:30pm, got home probably around 12:30 am (so we didn't see him) and left the house before 7:00 am this morning.  He won't get home tonight until 12:30am by the time he wakes up around 8am for church tomorrow...that's a little over 40 hours since the kids or I have seen him.  

That is a little over 40 hours with the kids by myself.  I can't imagine having a husband that deploys!

I decided right away that we'd need a schedule of fun activities if we were going to survive!  Last night the kids helped me wash apples and then watched as I canned quarts of applesauce.  As a bonus, a college student friend of ours is home for fall break and came over to watch "Lady and the Tramp" and give lots of tickles and read stories.  That was a real blessing to me!

The weather today is BEAUTIFUL.  Perfect indian summer.  Breezy, sunny, and about eighty degrees.  I've been wanting to take a fall picture of the kids for our wall.  I have a big frame that I try to change every season.  I had a coupon from Wal-Mart for a free 16x20 print and although that is too big, decided to take a picture I could cut down and put in the frame.  Today was the day!

I took the kiddos outside and got the shot I wanted in my first 30 seconds.  I had a photo trip to a working 1800's farm all planned...and even though I had my picture, I decided we'd go anyway. More fun than being home.  So I uploaded the picture to Wal-Mart to be picked up later and we headed out!
I was a little disappointed when I saw the horses out in the pasture.  It meant that they weren't harvesting anything today.  I was kind of hoping there would be something like that going on. Instead, we were among quite a few other people there taking pictures.  Seriously, we saw no less than 10 families with professional photographers.  

 I have to admit that is intimidating for me, as I'd love to know how to do photography on a more serious level.  However, my kids had no pressure to perform and were not in tears.  I saw so so many kids crying because they had to get their pictures taken right now.  I'm sure mom and dad were paying by the hour and wanted to get in and get done.  I know the feeling, we've had professional pictures taken.  But I was relieved to just be there having fun with the kids.
 Snug remembered where we were when we got to this sign.  He's been there before, but not since his 4th birthday.  Instantly he remembered his favorite activities, but we were a little disappointed to learn that we couldn't go to the river and covered bridge today.
 The blacksmith shop was open today and the kids got really excited....because there was a praying mantis.  This guy had the bellows going and fire and sparks, he let them bend steel with their bare hands...and they kept focused on this bug.  They crack me up.
 As I'm in no shape to be babywearing at this point, we took our small wagon.  It contained Rosebud well, and also carried our diaper supplies and lunch.
 Inside the farmhouse I learned about canning tomatoes without a pressure cooker (I have one, but still don't really understand how to use it).  The kids enjoyed the toys, including this marble run.  I love the farmhouse there.  If it had things like, you know, heat and electricity, I'd move in.  It is a huge beautiful house with a nice front porch, large back porch, and a summer kitchen off the back.
 For about 99.9% of the trip Rosebud was all smiles.  She'd climb up on something, smile and wait for me to take her picture.
 Little M.M. also wanted his picture taken, but has this really cheesy face for photos lately.  This too shall pass and I'll have lots of documentation of that "phase".
 The kids loved the chickens, and I did too.  We're hoping to get some in the spring.  We'll see how I feel after baby #4 is here.
 Perfect day to be outside!
 I took a couple more pictures of them altogether.  I do not know how I will ever ever get four kids to look and smile at the same time.

 The boys expended the last of their energy surfing on the cellar door.  Then we headed to the visitors center for our picnic lunch.
 After he was done eating, LMM decided to check out this cauldron.  Not sure what they were going to cook in it, but he cooked leaves.
On the way out we stopped at the penny candy store where things like Sweedish Fish and candy sticks can be bought from 2cents a piece.  Each boy had 10 cents from their bank...which translated to 3-4 small pieces each.  Not even what would be in a snack size Skittles, but enough for them to feel really special getting to choose and pay by themselves.  
I didn't notice how late it was getting, but when Rosebud had a complete meltdown, I figured it out.  Ooops.  I felt kinda mean taking her picture, but realistically she isn't all smiles all the time.  She is a typical toddler.  
So now we have 15 more hours without daddy...but we're going to make it.  Some more time outside, supper, and baths should get us to bedtime and then I'm going to COLLAPSE!  Hope you had beautiful weather as well.


Laura Johnston said...

Weekends are the hardest to be without daddy. You don't have the schedule of the week to fall back on. Looks like you found a good way to fill the time though - such sweet pictures of your little ones. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Definitely a good weekend to get out of the house. And just think in a few more days, you get to relax for almost a whole WEEK! You may even get to go to the bathroom alone!! Can't wait for Thursday!


Amanda said...

You are amazing! Doing all that alone AND still catching beautiful pictures and memories. You are Super Mom!

Anonymous said...

LMM just makes me smile with his silliness!! :)

Rebecca said...

I totally understand. Also couldn't comprehend being married to one deployed. I'm just coming off 36hrs of non-stop mothering and look forward to a moment just to pee without interruption lol.
Hats off to you!
God carries us when we need it most!
Looks like you and the kids shared some great times together :-)

Anonymous said...

Just looked at your "Disney/Vegas" pictures and would rather spend the day at the farm with your kids ANY day!