Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh Boy!

 Age:  3 years, 3 months.                          His face is always dirty.
Height:  39 1/2 inches                               His eyes are usually smiling.
Weight:  33 lbs                                         His energy is boundless.
Almost always barefoot.
Almost always in trouble.
Almost always having a ton of fun.
 Living life to the fullest.
Giving it his all.
Figuring out things he can't do yet but wants to.
Oh Boy!

*Aunt Cheryl, this is how he looked the other day when we were on the phone.  I took these pictures for you :o)


CM said...

He is so adorable! What a cute post.

He is so like my Cubbie! They would be best buds if we lived by each other!

Way cute pics.

Anonymous said...

Love that boy!