Tuesday, October 4, 2011


If you haven't seen Courageous, you need to.  If you are planning on seeing Courageous, see it this week as the first week a movie is out gives it the ratings, and the ratings determine whether or not a theater will do a similar movie later.  This movie CLEARLY sends the message of salvation, promotes family values, and was, in my opinion, really well made.
And take some tissues.  I cried.  Pregnancy may have had something to do with it...but I have a feeling I would have cried either way!!!


Rebecca said...

I totally want to see this!! I'm really wanting to wait to see it with The Mr. I hope we can work that out.
Thinking about you.... and that baby!

Thanks for stopping by. I really like your felt idea! Brilliant!

Am going to steel your cloth diaper drying idea. We've moved into the cloth as of this week. You got me hooked!

Janelle said...

pregnancy had nothing to do with it.. i bawled like a baby and jeff shed tears too.. awesome movie:)