Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last weekend we traveled to the Detroit Zoo for the 4th annual Huron Forest Camp CedarRidge zoo walk.  It is a fundraiser for our camp.  The money goes to help with camp operating funds so that more kids can come next summer and learn more about the Lord.
Sponsors help offset the cost of getting into the zoo early for the walk.  Walkers also pay an entrance fee and collect pledges from friends and family.  
 My aunt, uncle, cousin, and her kids got to come too.  My boys were really happy because they love to hang out with Jayce and Grayson-they're within months in age.
 I can still remember climbing on this cement hippo when I was a kid.  And as a teenager when I went one time with my friends.  Little Monkey Man is sporting a hat we bought him for his birthday to support Faith and Travis' adoption fund.  Rosebud's is from them too.  They sell lots of other great hats too, so please check them out!!!!  (This is a different link with lots more hats)
 The morning started off chilly.  We wore lots of layers, but by the end of the day no one was cold.
 SO CUTE!  This is my cousin's newest little guy and I love him.  His hat isn't from Faith and Travis, but it was still super cuddly and cute!
 Pop Pop does lots of work for camp.  He even was at the zoo by 6:30 am to help set up.  He was so happy to get to have his grandkids there.
 This photo needs a name.  Or a caption.  Any ideas?
 Oh look, we have all six in one picture.  No one is looking...but there they are!
 We loved the new lion exhibit.  They even roared for us!
 I'm hoping to get a new lens for my camera.  One that takes pictures of things far away without them being ant size  :o)
 We saw a polar bear.  One.  But I guess one is better than none (they have an awesome exhibit there and usually you can see several).
 There is a great playground there.  Rosebud is new to the playground scene, and luckily Grandmommy was up to running around after her.  Mommy was exhausted beyond description by this time in the day.
 Snug loves camp.  And he was thrilled to do the zoo walk.  He asked for most of our pledges this year, despite being really shy doing it.
 Mommy would have liked to have been carried all day.  She got some relief towards the end, but we're not discussing that.
The seals swim right over top of you in the arctic exhibit and LMM was THRILLED.  He just was so excited every time.  Normally the polar bears would (in a different tank, but it looks like they're together) swim over top too.  He would have flipped out about that.

It was a great day, it completely wore me out, but what a fun way to help support a ministry so close to our hearts!

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Amanda said...

Cant believe how gorgeous your kids are. Growing up so fast... you do such a great job of posting and sharing wonderful moments! :)