Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Monkey Man's First Day

 Today was LMM's big day.  The first day of preschool.  He is attending the same school that Snug did last year for pre-kindergarten.  He was a very very proud little boy today.  He was thrilled to have new shoes.
 He just is growing up so fast.
 He and Little Miss E. that I have in my daycare are attending the same school, same days so that is very convenient for me.  And as Snug's (strange) school schedule also has him in school on Tuesdays...#1 and I went grocery shopping with just Rosebud today.  We called it a "date".
 He was very happy to pose for some pictures and show daddy his classroom.
After "clipping in" he ran to the train table and didn't even say goodbye.  I guess that is better than tears!  He cannot wait to go back Thursday.  I don't know his assistant teacher, but his lead teacher and I have known each other for years and I love her dearly.

When I picked him up after preschool, the director of the preschool said "he did really well.  He will have to learn to follow our rules, but he's not the only one."  Hmmmmmmm....could be an interesting year!  I am just glad he was happy to be there and wants to go back.

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CM said...

Yay, just look at your big boy! Good luck, he'll do great!

Oh yes, I've heard that comment too! I think it just takes them a couple days to settle in to the routine, then they are fine. Plus, they are BOYS! Boys just have more energy and are busy little guys. Sometimes I wish the teachers would just give it a couple days before they comment ;-)