Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day At The Pool...Little M Man's View

 This summer I went from a "I must have my life jacket on in case the water touches me" boy to a swimming with my face in the water without any help boy (as long as I can touch...nothing over my head please!).
 When I can't be in my "Nemo Fish Pool" I love love love the water cannons at the splash pad.
 I will spray you if you come close enough!
 My mommy thinks I'm cute.  She keeps taking pictures of me...and I just want to SWIM!
 At the beginning of the summer all I'd attempt were the little slides in the "Nemo Fish Pool".
At the end of the summer, I'd do the little slides in the "big pool".  
 I always tell mommy what a brave boy I am after each slide.

 And when I'm tired, I go back and relax in my "Nemo Fish Pool".  I cried when the pool closed this week and there is no more swimming.

I am so proud of how far LMM came this summer.  Until the end of July he was terrified to be in any water over his head, even with a life jacket.  He was not confident even in water where he could touch.  By the beginning of September, when our pool closed, he would not only go into water where he couldn't touch with a life jacket on, he'd take it off in water where he could touch.

The downside is, he developed a NASTY case of swimmer's ear in mid August...something we battle daily now.  He cannot get even a drop of water in his ears without them starting to get infected.  He dutifully wears earplugs and an ear band-it to protect them.  The other day Snug was taking a bath, I was helping Rosebud, and the next thing I know he was in the tub with Snug with his head under the water "swimming".  As I had left him at the table to finish his milk...well lets just say I wasn't prepared to have him swimming.  And now he has a fever and headache and earache...which means it is once again back.  We'll probably have to take him to the doctor as I've battled this by myself for two days and he's getting sicker.  We have medicated ear drops, but we know from the first time that if it gets bad enough we have to do antibiotics.  With his previous history we simply cannot take any chances when it comes to his ears.  Evidently he didn't get that memo.


Jenney said...

Follow up...this morning he woke up fever free. The drops alone seem to have cleared up the infection. Praise the Lord! I HATE giving my kids antibiotics.

Anonymous said...

Swimmer's ear stinks. Still looks like a lot of fun. Envious b/c my kids are scared of spraying water. Wish it weren't true b/c I'd like the opting of doing something like this or just tossing them in the shower real to clean up quick he he.
Loved the summery pics. Hurray for summer fun and glad the fever broke. I too hate giving antibiotics.

Anonymous said...

Love his pictures and how brave he is at learning new things! So glad to see the follow up and that he is better! Love that kid!
Aunt Kimmie