Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Another Tuesday? Never!

#1 asked me the other day where the baby was going to sleep.  Probably after I told him we probably will be meeting baby in about 9 weeks.  

I had given it some thought, but not much.  I guess I hadn't gotten past the first 2-3 weeks where baby will sleep in a pack n play or a co-sleeper in our bed.  Past that...not much.

The plan, originally, was that when baby was a few weeks old he/she would get the crib and Rosebud would move into my old daybed that is up in her room.  I even got a side rail for $1 at a garage sale in the early spring.  Well, what I didn't know is just how small Rosebud would stay.  When she is up on the daybed it all but swallows her up.

I've had another crib offered to us, but I really don't want it.  I don't want more big furniture and I don't want two cribs that can't be sold or donated (both have side rails that move) on my hands in a few months.  We don't even have room for another full size crib.  

I didn't want to have to take down the daybed and trundle either as it is very difficult to disassemble and really, I don't feel like storing it...again.  But that may still happen, we'll see.

Anyway, I got online and started looking at small toddler beds. I found a few I liked.  I liked one from IKEA, but simply refuse to pay what they want for it.  I found one on Wal-Mart.com that I also liked, but still, more than I wanted to pay.  So of course, I turned to Craigslist.  

I found a pink bed that I liked, and called the number listed.  The girl assured me she still had the bed and would meet me at their house today at 10:00am.  They have some sort of family emergency and as of this very moment are supposed to be driving to Arizona, never to return again.  I told her I wanted to see the bed first, and she said that was fine.

So this morning #1 and I headed out to see the bed.  The address ended up being at a house(?) that had a sign(?) on the side saying it was an automotive shop office.  The automotive shop was next door, but didn't look to be in business.  House/sign/shop were not promising looking.  

We drove up and the front door was either open or missing, couldn't decide, and in its place was a broken baby gate shimmied to stand up and keep two small children from falling outside.  I'll let you use your imagination on how the entire scene looked from there.  

I could tell #1's cop-dar was going off full steam.  He wasn't pleased to be at the location.  About thirty seconds after we pulled up and were assessing the situation another mini van pulled up next to us.  A lady and little girl got out, and #1 asked her if she was the one selling the toddler bed.  She looked very confused and said she was there to buy the toddler bed.  I was also pretty sure she wasn't the one selling it as from her appearance she did not fit into the situation at all.

Hmmmm.  So both of us are there for the same bed.  At the same time (which we had BOTH confirmed with the seller) Nice.  I believe she even said to me "well, this is awkward".  It was.

So the woman selling the bed came to the "door" and asked us to come in.  I was hoping not to have to go in.  And then was even more dismayed when we had to walk to the back of the house and into a back bedroom. I was glad for my husband at my side and the other random woman/child combo.  At this point I was pretty sure I was not going to want to buy anything that had been in this household and trying to think of a gracious way to back out.  

But when we saw the bed, it was exactly what we wanted, and in decent shape (we learned it had only been bought 2 months ago...any longer and more than one thing would have had to be screwed back on...just a minor repair).  But I could tell it was exactly what the other lady wanted too.  

She told me that I could have it because I had arrived first.  But her daughter was twice the size of Rosebud, and clearly in need of a toddler bed before we were so I told her that I had time to keep looking as I didn't need it till Dec/January.  She looked at me kinda funny and said "Really?  I only need it till November!  Where do you live?"  Well we exchanged info (live within like 3 miles of each other) and in November when she gets her old daybed from her parents (funny, huh?) she has no need for the toddler bed.  So in November we'll get the bed and we don't have to store it!  Plus, I'm pretty sure from her immaculate-not-even-a-cheerio-on-the-floor-van that it will be well cleaned up.  

This is the bed.  Neither of us wanted the mattress.  But we both get to use the bed!

Tuesdays are always so interesting!


CM said...

Oh dear, what an adventure! Well, at least you got a decent deal in the end.

Jenilee said...

ok, wow. what a story!! and all for a bed. :) glad your hubs was with you too!

fegingerich said...

Oh.my.word! That is one crazy Craigslist story!!!! LOVE how it ended though!!! :)