Monday, September 5, 2011

Yay Yay Yay for Labor Day!

Labor Day marks the beginning of festival season here in SW Ohio.  We still live close enough to my college town to return for events, one of which is their Labor Day celebration.  This year we are leaving out a major part of the festivities, which is the BEST fireworks I've ever been to (besides Disney, but that's a given).  They don't start till 9:30 plus we still have to drive home afterwards.  Due to school tomorrow, and the fact that I'd be taking the kids by myself, we won't be attending this year.  It may be Labor Day, but daddy still works.  He's moved shifts for the fall/winter so he does get to enjoy daytime fun.
We always start off our time at the fireman's breakfast.  $5 for each adult, kids five and under eat free.  It is supposed to be a fundraiser...I think they lost money on our family.  We brought pancakes for LMM, but he ate his fill of eggs, sausage, and orange juice.  Snug had four pancakes along with the eggs. OJ, and sausage.  Rosebud ate eggs, hash browns, sausage, and a pancake.  That right there was $10 in breakfast.  We won't say how many pancakes daddy had  :o)

 After the breakfast the kids got to climb around on the firetrucks.
 After the initial festivities, we walked around the festival site and then headed to main street to our pre-saved parade seats.  The parade route fills up quickly.
 On the way, we found several families from our church congregated and settled there instead.  Daddy went and retrieved our chairs and we squeezed in.
 Parades may have bands, and rescue vehicles...tractors and floats...but what my kids go for is CANDY.
 The ironic thing is that they get 1-2 pieces during the parade and they never see the rest of it.  The candy fairy lives here and visits after every parade and holiday.  We don't actually say the candy fairy came...but once it gets home, candy is never to be seen again.
 Rosebud settled herself down right on the street to enjoy her sucker.
 Eventually daddy got tired of tripping on her and put her in a chair.  She was just as happy.  The sweatshirt she is wearing was mine when I was a baby.  How fun!
 After the parade we meandered back to the festival grounds for, as LMM called it "money in a haysnack".  They spread out straw on a tarp and then threw nickles in it for kids to find.  I am SO glad they broke it into age groups as when the 7-10 year olds did their's it was quite aggressive.  LMM was in the 3 and under group.  He got 30 cents.
 Rosebud could care less about nickles, and she joined both the under 3 crowd and the 4-6 year olds to simply play in the straw.
Snug got it and collected about 60 cents.  Not bad considering that is more than 2 days of chore money for him!
Well, here it goes!  Almost every weekend from here on out is some activity...I love the fall!!!

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