Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Apple Orchard Raspberry Patch

 One day I decided we should go to the apple orchard.  #1 is pretty flexible about making last minute outings.  I'm usually more the planner, but lately I've been kinda scattered.  So after Oliver's vet appointment we stopped at an orchard.
 They had a really nice country store that sold local honey, syrup, odds and ends, and tons of produce.  Each of the kids got a free apple to munch on.  Rosebud made hers last about 2 hours...but she ate it without help.  We were hoping to be able to pick apples, but we couldn't find an orchard that would let us.  Instead we got to pick...
 ...raspberries!  There was plenty of room for the kids to run and play.
 They also "helped" pick.
  The people who sent us out into the bushes knew we had three kids and never batted an eye, just said "have fun"!  Don't worry, they did!
 Snug took it upon himself to carry one of the pint boxes.  He was very careful with it.
 Rosebud ate raspberries with one hand and her apple with the other.
 She ate ripe berries, over ripe berries, and we even found nice white not-even-close-to-ripe ones with the stem (OUCH) still on them in her diaper over the next couple of days.  We're still fighting the rash that resulted from so much fresh fruit.
All of the kids sported raspberry faces, and after picking for about an hour (can't say that the bushes were loaded but we did end up with 2 picked pints).  I really would like to know just how much they ate-I'd guess probably a pint between the three of them.  
So our trip to the apple orchard turned out to be more of a trip to the raspberry patch.  But that was ok.  We had a great time.  Bring on fall!


CM said...

Yay, how fun! Way cute pics.

CFMama said...

Oh how awesome! It seems our families have a pretty similar outlook on life. And Rosebud and Teagan are soooo much alike. T took an apple out grocery bag and took over an hour to eat it!

CFMama said...

And I want that hat!

The Alburger Family said...

Love the pic of Snug with the pint box. It turned out great !